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Diary of Abigail Hackett

edited by

George Dickey

Introduction, Jan. - Feb. 1865, Mar. 1865, Apr.-May 1865, Jun.-Aug. 1865, Sept.-Nov. 1865,
Dec. 1865-Feb. 1866, Mar. - May 1866, Jun.-Aug. 1866, break, Nov. 1866-Feb. 1867,
Mar. 1867, May-June 1867
, Households on the Swale

September 1865

Friday 1st. Pleasant forenoon, rainy afternoon. I have been alone today with my boy. He is better today. Lu went to M. Jones'. Attalia went to school. I subscribed for a medical work today to be delivered in 6 weeks. Don't know but I have need of it.

Saturday 2nd. This has been a pleasant day. I have finished up several odd jobs today. Eddy has been better today. He goes about sitting up-he came to the table today. Chas. went to a logging to E. Daniel's and has forgot to come home I guess. Oh, what a worry a man is anyway. Mr. Hays came here and bought our steers-he paid me the money-32 dollars for a yoke of yearlings, I guess that is enough. M. P. had a hard time bleeding yesterday. I called down to Elisa's tonight and saw Mrs. Woodard again. Lina called. Chas. E. mowed the peas.

Sunday 3rd. A fine warm day, slight sprinkling of rain. Eddy was better today and I left him with pa and went to S. School. We had a good time. After that I called to M. P's. saw the city relatives. Liked them very much. Narcess and I called over to see Jacob Carrier-got a ride back with Frank Converse-Elisa called. Attalia and Chas. had a fine chase after our little pigs but piggy was too smart for them and they lost him in the woods.

Monday 4th. A fine day, very warm. Eddy and I took a ride today. We rode up to the--------. He drove, it tired him some but he liked the fun. I washed, the girls done housework. We had men to dinner and supper for our folks commenced logging today. Willie and I went down to the foller tonight.

Tuesday 5th. Very warm and showery. Eddy and I called on Mrs. Downs and to Mrs. P. We took dinner up there. Eddy enjoyed it much but got very tired. I think his walk was too much for him. Hope everything will be right from a good night's rest. I went down to the foller tonight with Chas. He showed me what they had been doing and what he wanted to do.

Wednesday 6th. A hard shower of rain this morning. It cleared off before 10. Chas and I went to Hornellsville today. Traded some-got cotton yarn and ladies cloth for Lucina. Took supper to Mrs. Thomas

Thursday 7th. A fine day and a very busy one with me. Eddy and I took a ride up to Mr. Diamonds and got some apples, came home and had company. Mrs. Creasy this afternoon. Mrs. Kent, Narcess, Lina and Mr. John Powell-he enjoyed my flowers much. Have promised to send him some seeds this fall.

Friday 8th. A very rainy day. Charles was intending to have a logging bee-his hands came-so did the rain. I got dinner for 14 men and they went home. So ends the day.

Saturday 9th. Rained hard all night last night. Cleared off this morning. Chas. had his bee. They done a good job. Had 13 men to dinner, 15 for supper. Mrs. Frank Hawkins came here a visiting. I went down to the foller to work tonight and appraise their work. Feel tired enough to go to bed. Rains tonight.

Sunday 10th. Rainy moring. Could not go to Sabbath School this morning but is cleared off and we had a pleasant afternoon and a full house at meeting-text was Matthew 1--23 verse "get thee behind me Satan. " I was somewhat annoyed at some remarks offered by Mrs. --------, but I ought to let such things pass unnoticed and will try.

Monday 11th. I washed and done considerable other work-it rained hard this afternoon. I made Willie a pair of pants-he feels very nice about them. Chas. E. went to Hornellsville today to get him a valice-he thinks he will start tomorrow to look for work-how can we spare him is the question.

He obtained work on a construction project at Alleghany Bridge.

Tuesday 12th. A very pleasant day. Charles E. started this morning. Lucina went with him as far as Bennetsville. E. Dickey carried them up. Chas. went up today to trade sheep. Eddy took a ride to Mr. Kent, Mr. Pratt came here tonight to stay all night.

Wednesday 13th. A another pleasant day. Had a call from Mrs. P. Creasy, Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Holmes. Took dinner with Mrs. Downs-had a lively time with Elisa. Mr. Pratt took dinner there. Also I went over to see Narcessa and Lina work in the oat field. They looked in very fine spirits at their work.

Thursday 14th. Pleasant forenoon and rainy afternoon. Chas. had Jo and Bob to cradle oats today-they thrashed peas. Fan called this afternoon. Mrs. Woodard received her letter and started down to Cameron to take the cars tomorrow. I baked pumkin pies and bread.

Friday 15th. Today I went to Jasper and had my teeth fitted and a fine time we had. Took dinner to R. F. Kent's. Had company tonight. Mr. C. Pickett, and wife, Narcess and Lina, Dave, Reta, Warren, Jo and Bob called. Quite a housefull. Pleasant today.

Saturday 16th. Been quite busy today. Charles Pickett and wife visited here till after tea. They went down to John Olmsteads tonight. Chas. worked in shop all day. He earned just 1/3 of what my teeth will cost me. Lucina went down to stay with Sarah Church tonight.

Sunday 17th. A warm day-went to Sabbath School. John Olmstead and wife, Sarah and Willie and Dave, Fred came here from Canisteo-plenty of talk and confusion.

Monday 18th. Rained all night and all day today-hard, steady rain. Sewed on Willie's pants. Have got most ready to start to Father's-I am anticipating a good visit-hope I will not get a disappointment. Quite sleepy.

Tuesday 19th. Sewed all forenoon, went to Jasper this afternoon and got my teeth. Very pleasant today. Hope to start tomorrow.

Wednesday 20th. Willie was taken sick in the night, but I thought we could take him and we started to Erwin. We got to Cameron. He was worse so Charles went on alone and I came home. Willie has been very sick all day. Had calls this evening-N, L, F, E, A. Pleasant.

Thursday 21st. Traded 44 cents with Lonnes-he trusted me till he comes again. Pleasant day. Willie has been very sick today. Elisa called, had calls this evening. John Chapman and wife, Jenny VanH. , and Erastus. Charles came home tonight.

Friday 22nd. Charles and Eddy went to Bennetsville today and got their sheep, some coal and iron-did not get home till real late, worried me some. Willie has been very sick today-feel a good deal alarmed about him. Mrs. Warren Downes was here avisiting.

Saturday 23th. Lucina sent over to Hedgesville with J. Benom and wife-had a good deal to do today. Willie still remains very sick, Isaac Jones raised his shed today. Narcess called, heard from Charley. S. Downs came home tonight.

Sunday 24th. Today has been quite a lonely day for me. My baby has been too sick to leave, so I did not go to Sabbath School or to meeting. Charles has helpt take care of him-so I have had a little rest. Levi, Frank, Mary and Sanford Downs called, also Mrs. Frank Converse to see Willie. Dan Brownell was married tonight. It rained very hard tonight-fairly poured down.

Monday 25th. A very hard shower early this morning but cleared off towards noon. Willie has been very sick all day-no better tonight. Mrs. Powell called tonight.

Tuesday 26th. A pleasant day. A good many calls to see Willie-he seems so very bad tonight. Charles had help today sawing wood. Lucina came home today.

Friday 29th. The last three days have passed so much like all the days of Willie's sickness that I have not kept a record of them. Been pleasant weather. I believe that I have hardly been out doors to see what is going on. Willie is still sick.

Saturday 30th. Today has been rainy part of the day. I promised Willie to take him up to P's but he was not well enough so I had to disappoint him. Some calls today.

October 1865

Sunday 1st. Willie was so sick I could not go to Sunday School but I took a walk down to the foller and saw the wood pile-had a few calls to see Willie today. Cloudy.

Monday 2nd. A rainy day. Willie seemed so bad that I dare not wait any longer and sent for doctor-he says he must come again tomorrow. He is badly bloated today. Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Powell have stayed with me this afternoon. Mrs. Downs and Mrs. McGrady called. Hope he may be better tomorrow than he has been today. Charles worked in shop all day.

Tuesday 3rd. A cold raw day. The doctor feels more encouraged about Willie. He thinks he will get along after a while. Mr. Joseph Warner and wife and daughter came here tonight. I am glad to see them but I can't visit as much as I would like for my baby is so sick. Rains hard tonight.

Thursday 5th. A sorry day today. My dear boy Edward was caught in the wood machine and has fractured his ankle. It is an awful sight. The doctor thinks we will wait till tomorrow for council. He stays with us tonight. Oh, it seems so hard to see him lay there in such a horrible condition till morning. He is a perfect hero. He says it ain't so awful bad and we must not feel so. Oh, what can we do for him-our neighbors seem to sympathize with us. Oh, I wish it would come morning. Narcess and Mrs. P. and Mr. Smith help us tonight to take care of Eddy.

Friday 6th. This has been a sorrowful day here. This forenoon the Doctors Chitendon, Mitchell and Crocher amputated Eddy's leg. He was under the influence of morphine and chloroform so he did not realize when it was done. Oh, my poor boy, how my heart aches for him-one so young and full of life to be cut off from all enjoyment of walking and all children's games. We have been very much alarmed about baby today. Sanford Downs watched tonight.

The only wood machine I can think of in use at this period that would be capable of crushing Eddy's leg might have been a stump puller. Eddy didn't let the loss of his leg slow him down very much. In what seems like a very short period of time he's driving the team.

Saturday 7th. Another painful day for Eddy-he has been in great pain today. Doctor was here today. Willie is better and awful cross. Been warmer today, showery tonight. Abigail Converse stayed with us today and done me a lot of good, too. Eddy has had a good many calls and some nice presents-apples, honey, beechnuts, oranges, raisins.

Sunday 8th. A very bad night for Eddy, Saturday. Narcess and Dave L. stayed with us-it rained through the night. Mrs. VanH. was here-pa and I was with him some too. He has been quite easy since his physician operated. A houseful of callers today. Lucina and I took care of him Sunday night.

Monday 9th. This day passed as all others of late, with me tending the sick. The doctor dressed Eddy's leg and I held it through the operation. Charles went to Bennetsville to mill today. Willie is not so well today. Oh, how long and tiresome the days are. May God give me grace and help me to my duty.

Tuesday 10th. A pleasant day-warm as summer. Spent the day in tending to my sick boys. Have had a good many calls. Feel most tired out tonight. Will take care of my sick alone tonight.

Wednesday 11th. Another warm day, the doctor came and dressed Eddy's leg today. I held it and a harder piece of work I never done. He has had a good many calls today-feel in hope he is doing well. Well, the thrashers came and set up their machine tonight. Will take care of my sick alone tonight.

Thursday 12th. A cold rainy day. Had a houseful of thrashers to dinner today. Jenny VanH. helpt the girls today. Willie is not so well today. Eddy bears his trouble well. Feel so lonely and bad tonight.

Friday 13th. Visit from Doctor today. Charley came home.

Monday 16th. Have been so busy the past 4 days, have not thought of you, old journal. My children have been poorly-been busy taking care of them today. My dear father and mother came here. I was very glad to see them.

Tuesday 17th. Charley left us again for his work in Allegheny. Felt sorry to have him go. Father and mother left here this afternoon. We called a few minutes to Miles's before they left. Their visit has done me good.

Thursday 19th. Yesterday and today have been stormy. Very bad weather. Today it has rained and blowed hard all day. Mr. Levi Creasy and wife and children have been here all day. Don't feel very well tonight. Eddy gains good, so does Willie.

Saturday 21st. The doctor came.

Sunday 22nd. This has been a pleasant day-the last 3 days have passed as all others-taking care of the sick day and night. Today Mr. Newell and wife and Ruth Olmstead came here-was glad to see them. Lucina went over to see Nate Adamson yesterday. She found her with a son, born 21st of October.

Monday 23rd. The girls helpt their pa dig potatoes. I washed and took care of my sick boys. They are better today. A fine day again.

Tuesday 24th. A hard frost last night but a pleasant day. Helpt Charles dig a few potatoes. Bought a milk pail of a peddler. Took tea to Mrs. Whites, tonight. The medical books came today.

Wednesday 25th. A fine day-went to meeting twice today-heard good sermons. Mrs. Hawkins was here this afternoon. Several calls today.

Thursday 26th. This has been conference day for this year. I stayed home and let the girls go to meeting. A pleasant day, company to dinner and to tea.

Friday 27th. A very stormy day. Charles went to Hornellsville and got horse shoes and -----------.

Saturday 28th. Still unpleasant weather. I spun, the girls-----. Black and Scott came tonight.

Sunday 29th. Cold, froze up hard last night-snowed a little-did not go to Sabbath School or meeting.

Monday 30th. Pleasant day. Eddy and I called up to Miles's. I spun in the afternoon. Charles went to Dr. Chitendon.

Tuesday 31st. Eddy and I went over to Mr. Turners and took tea. A foggy day.

November 1865

Wednesday 1st. Eddy and I and Willie went over to Mr. Diamonds avisiting. Mrs. Kent went with us. We had a very pleasant visit and a fine day.

Thursday 2nd. Quite unpleasant day. I colored red today and churned-then I and Eddy called to Elisa's.

Friday 3rd. Very pleasant. Eddy, Willie and I went up to Erastus Kent's-good time.

Saturday 4th. Stayed home all day and kept quite busy. Eddy went to ----- after sheep.

Sunday 5th. A cold day, wind and snowed-stayed pretty close to the fire and read some. Mary Lochery married today.

Monday 6th. A cold windy day. Mary Lochery ran away today and there is great excitement about her tonight. Her friends think she is dead but I think they well find her somewhere safe. Her man feels terrible-poor man.

Tuesday 7th. Cold and windy-snowed some. Charles went to Bennettsville today. Mary Lochery was found at Huberdsville last night at 11 o'clock-so ends that romantic marriage.

Mary Lochery was 19 years old when she married Sely Parks. The marriage lasted for nearly 20 years, until her death in 1882.

Wednesday 8th. A cold day but Eddy took the team and I, Mrs. Creasy and Mrs. Downs and Willie went avisiting to Mrs. Frisbee's-had a cold time but a good visit never-the-less.

Thursday 9th. A pleasant day-stayed at home and let the girls visit. Charles worked in the shop.

Friday 10th. I went to J. V's. to see about my spices. Anna F. and Mary D. and Fran came so we had a house full-stayed to dinner.

Saturday 11th. A fine day. Charles banked his house around and I made his shirt.

Sunday 12th. A very pleasant day. Lina, Reta, Dave, Eddy, Attalia and I went to gather beechnuts. Had a pleasant time-fine lot. Called on Lisa Downs, she is quite poorly today. Think she had the fever.

Monday 13th. A very fine day. Charles commenced plowing in the morning. He went to Big Flats in the afternoon.

Tuesday 14th. Fine day. Eddy and I and Mrs. Turner went to Frank Converse's avisiting.

Wednesday 15th. A fine day. Nathan plowing here. Charles came home tonight. John Hawley came with him.

Abigail's maiden name was Hawley.

Thursday 16th. Pleasant day. Mrs. Terry and Anna Keith came here today. We are having a good visit.

Friday 17th. Eddy, Lina P. and I went to Bath-traded 18 dollars, feel very tired tonight.

Saturday 18th. Mrs. Terry and Anna Keith went home today. Charles had help drawing manure.

Sunday 19th. Commenced snowing about daylight-kept stormy all day-quite worse tonight.

Monday 20th. Worked on Tallie's dress and made Eddy's pants. Elisa went down to ---------.

Tuesday 21st. Made Charles a shirt and sewed some on my dress.

Wednesday 22nd. Washed and finished my dress. Lucina worked on her dress. Charles went to Adrian.

Thursday 23rd. The men all went to S----- sale. We at home sewed all day. Snow and hail.

Friday 24th. I mended all afternoon. Mrs. Benom called. Charles helpt Miles butcher in the morning. He went to S----- in the afternoon. I went down to Perk Creasy's, stayed to tea-had a sleigh ride, good time.

Saturday 25th. Was quite pleasant. C. butchered his hog today.

Sunday 26th. We went over to Jon Benom's today-Charles, Eddy, Willie and I.

Monday 27th. Charles went to Merchantsville today, Eddy and Lucina.

Tuesday 28th. Charles and Eddy returned tonight-they have had a cold time. Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Powell and myself went over to -------. Made quite a sewing bee for her. Do not feel well tonight.

Wednesday 29th. I was taken last night with a sore throat-it has gotten very bad tonight. Had company to tea-Mr. and Mrs. Turner.

© 1998, George Dickey
Introduction, Jan. - Feb. 1865, Mar. 1865, Apr.-May 1865, Jun.-Aug. 1865, Sept.-Nov. 1865,
Dec. 1865-Feb. 1866, Mar. - May 1866, Jun.-Aug. 1866, break, Nov. 1866-Feb. 1867,
Mar. 1867, May-June 1867
, Households on the Swale
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