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Diary of Abigail Hackett

edited by

George Dickey

Introduction, Jan. - Feb. 1865, Mar. 1865, Apr.-May 1865, Jun.-Aug. 1865, Sept.-Nov. 1865,
Dec. 1865-Feb. 1866, Mar. - May 1866, Jun.-Aug. 1866, break, Nov. 1866-Feb. 1867,
Mar. 1867, May-June 1867
, Households on the Swale

April 1865

Saturday 1st. All remains the same as yesterday. Quite pleasant today. Attalia went up to Miles' visiting with Jenny Hawks.

Sunday 2nd. Quite pleasant today. Charley seems some better. Charley walked out this morning. Charley, baby and I went up to E. Kents-eat sugar. Had a good time.

Monday 3rd. Charley is better—went visiting. He came home quite tired. Pleasant day. Hear the big guns tonight. Something good is in the news.

Tuesday 4th. Went to Hornellsville-heard good news and was there when big guns went off in honor of the fall of Richmond. Came back in the rain, called to John Olmstead's and Ben Moore's and Diamond's. Got home before dark-very wet and tired. Cooked Charley E. some oysters and went to bed.

Wednesday 5th. Felt very tired today. Took some cold yesterday. Attalia was quite sick so I had to stir around and bake pies. Charley went down to S. D. —he came home very tired too. May Brown and Erastus Kent's wife called.

At this point ten days are missing from the journal. The record continues with part of the entry for April 15th. It is unfortunate that these particular days are missing as they would have had her thoughts on the end of the war. The writing in this next paragraph seems too flowery for Abigail, and I wonder if she was copying something from a newspaper. Secretary of State Seward was from Auburn, N. Y. , hence her reference to "our Secretary".

Saturday 15th. …and beloved President was dead. Oh, can that be for our good; he who has steered our good ship clear of the breakers just as the sun of peace was breaking on our land, for the assassins to rob us of our crown[ed] head. It seem too bad. Our Secretary is wounded but hope he may be spared us yet. Uncle Hawley and wife Elisa and Merty came over today. It seems the most solemn day I ever saw. Willie is quite sick-taken today. He has a high fever. My hands have been busy to take care of him and wait on company. I feel some tired tonight. Quite a rainy day. Seems like our nation tears for our President.

Sunday 16th. It rained very hard last night. Willie has been quite sick all night and today. Our company left us tonight. Mr. S. called-told us more particulars of the assassination. Narcess called this afternoon. Mrs. E. Downs also. Willie is still quite sick, 10 o'clock at night-a rainy day.

Monday 17th. Quite a pleasant day. Willie is still very sick. Charley went to Bennettsville today and saw Doc. Riddell. We had calls tonight, W. T. , L. M. , F. We had a sing. Mrs. White brought some maple molasses.

Tuesday 18th. Still a very pleasant day. Willie keeps sick, hope he is getting better tonight. Lina came and helpt heel - - socks. Mr. Frisbee, Mrs. Kent and Elisa called this afternoon. Mrs. Dickey called-says Matty D. has the brain fever-fear Willie has got it. Charles drawed his fence posts and commenced building his fence around the door yard today. This is Willie's birthday-2 years old and a fine boy, too.

Wednesday 19th. Today Willie is better. Charles has worked on his fence. I have just got vitals and took care of baby. Snow Flake brought us a fine lamb. Narcess, Lina and Sanford Downs spent the evening with us to make Charley a visit. He starts for the front tomorrow morning. I feel sad tonight.

Thursday 20th. Charley started for Washington this morning. Eddy carried him to Cameron. Oh, how lonesome everything looks today. Narcess came down and stayed to dinner. It commenced raining about 10 o'clock. Quite a disagreeable day. Eddy's sheep brought him a lamb today.

Friday 21st. A rainy morning. Elisa's cow brought us a calf-1 more lamb made its appearance today. May Benom was here to tea. Quite an April day-rain clouds and sunshine. Charles got some hay to W. C. today.

Saturday 22nd. Passed off like all other days-nothing worthy of note-washed, mopped, sewed some and read the news. Charles moves away his rail fence from front of house and hung his gate.

Sunday 23rd. Spent the day at home reading and tending to pigs. Tess called and Elisa. Otherwise have been alone with our selves. Charles call on Sim. Snowed some. Richardson preached today. Received letter from Minnie Hawley today.

Monday 24th. Still cold and snow covered the ground till noon. Narcess called and Elisa. Went up to school house and heard an - - - sermon on the death of President Lincoln. The text was: Why slay him, what has he done; and sure enough why was he slain. Hence forth all thoughts of pardon are too late. They have murdered Morey Hawk from the eastern to the western shore-the swelling thunder of the people roars-what words they murmur, blind justice, fetter not her hand. So let it smite. Such deeds shall be no more. Christ died to make men holy, he died to make men free.

Tuesday 25th. Took up Parlor carpet and cleaned bedroom and - - . Went down in field with Eddy to find the yearling that got lost. Picked wild flowers and came back and found another lamb, a fine little fellow. Rita and Tallie went down in swale and got a mess of greens. Pleasant day.

Wednesday 26th. A very pleasant day. Done a large washing. Granny Creasy spent the day with me, had a good visit. Tended to sick heifer. Narcess called and I went home with her and that wound up the day. Charles sowed some wheat.

Thursday 27th. A very pleasant morning. Narcess called this morning to say good bye. She started for her school to Greenwood. What shall I do-it will be very lonesome-Elisa, Rita and Tallie went a piece with her. I churned. Worked in door yard, cleaned bedroom. Thunder shower this afternoon. Mrs. Hays sent me some flower roots tonight.

Friday 28th. Cool morning, cloudy. Washed bed clothes this afternoon, baked, and went visiting to M. P. 's this afternoon with Mrs. - - . Shower tonight.

Saturday 29th. A very rainy night and a rainy forenoon. Called on Mrs. White and went over to Frank Converse's. Took tea. Had a good time. Called to Mary B. Sanford Diamond called tonight. Found lamb dead.

Sunday 30th. Very cold, froze hard last night, snowed a little last night. Been quite lonesome today. S. Hatch called today. Lina and Tess called this evening. I've read some, slept some. Elisa called.

May 1865

Monday 1st. This has been quite an important day being Eddy's birthday. He is 11 years old today. Soon will be a man. Charles and Tallie went to Bennettsville-got home four o'clock. I called on Elisa and Granny. Awful lonesome times.

Tuesday 2nd. Cold morning. Washed and worked on Eddy's pants, baked bread, traded with peddler. Charles set out some plum trees and worked on door yard fence. Old B. brought us a fine calf today.

Wednesday 3rd. This day has passed as usual, sewed some, run up to Powell's a few minutes. Fair day. Charles drawed some hay for W. C. Lina and Tess called tonight. Tallie went up to Diamond's.

Thursday 4th. We went to Bath-saw lots of perties and had my teeth drawn. Traded $25. Come around by Punches-got some tomato plants. Very tired tonight.

Friday 5th. Worked at house work the forenoon. Helpt girls clean school house this afternoon. Came home, got the mail and froze to it. Read till bed time-heard from Charley, he has got to his regiment all right. Has got to march to Washington to be discharged. Won't that be a happy time. Hope they will get Jeff Davis soon. May Benom called-heard her soldiers clothes were inquired for. Looks like rain tonight.

Saturday 6th. Been quite a rainy day. Charles had Loughry to plow-had to stop before noon for the rain. He bought 35 apple trees. Called on Elisa-found her unwell. Sewed on Tallie's new dress skirt. One more week gone to eternity, and what is the record of good deeds. Eddy took the colts away today.

Sunday 7th. A very pleasant day. Done up the work, Tallie and Eddy went to Sunday school. I read while they were gone. Then Eddy took the horses up and took me riding over to Aunty Diamonds. We took dinner there, then we all came over to the school house to meeting. Mr. Richards preached from Acts 8, Chap. 20, Verse - - "Perish your money with you. " After supper walked out around the lot.

Monday 8th. Today rather cold and windy. Washed and churned. Doubled yarn and so forth. Mr. Frank Converse and wife, May Benom was here to tea. Read a story in the Ledger, took care of baby. Our school commenced today. Tallie and Eddy go. Baby is very lonesome without them.

Tuesday 9th. A cloudy day, cold winds. Went up to M. P. 's and twisted yarn. Saw Newton Howe. Made posy beads, picked greens, cut out Tallie's dress. Charles made a strawberry bed and drawed off old stumps.

Wednesday 10th. Cloudy morning. Charles plowed half day-began to rain at 3 o'clock. I ironed, baked and cut out dress, knitted some, done some house work. Tired tonight. I don't know if I shall ever get my work done. E. D. called this afternoon. Glad Friday is almost here. Hope to get a word from Lucina and Charley. Oh, how lonesome it is. I'll be glad when warm settled weather comes.

Thursday 11th. Rained all last night and still raining. Churned and mopped and set down to sew. Had company-Levi Creasy and wife called here. Snowed this afternoon. Charles worked in shop.

Friday 12th. Cleared off this morning, the snow covered the ground. It poured hard last night. Finished Tallie's dress today. Worked in the yard this afternoon. Mrs. Powell called today. I went there and got some posy roots. Got a letter from each of my children. Charley is well, so is Lucina. Charles worked in the shop today.

Apparently during the period that is missing from the diary, Abigail's daughter, Lucina, went somewhere to teach school.

Saturday 13th. Tallie, Willie and I was left alone today. We done up our work real soon and I sewed on Charley's shirt. We went a visiting with M. P. 's, with Elisa-had a good visit. Charles and Eddy went to Bath after plaster. Grandpa went off somewhere and we had the coast clear, we found a little time to work in the flowers, sometime after milking to read the papers. It has been quite a pleasant day and happily spent.

Sunday 14th. Done up our morning work and went to Sabbath School-took a class of girls for this summer. After school called and got Mrs. P. and Rita, Tallie and we started out for a stroll-went to woods, gathered wild flowers. Called to Mrs. Carrier and saw Jacob-he is much better. Looks like rain again. Called on Elisa-she is quite sick tonight. Charles and Willie have slept most of the day.

Monday 15th. Washed this forenoon, worked in garden this afternoon, I planted onions, beets, potatoes. Charles sowed barley and some oats. Dragged the garden and plowed his potato patch. A very warm pleasant day. Heard that Jeff Davis is caught. Hope it is true.

Tuesday 16th. Worked around the house this forenoon, put down carpet, churned, worked in garden some. A very warm day. Called on Elisa, she is some better tonight.

Wednesday 17th. Attalia's birthday-she is thirteen years old today. Abigail Converse visited me today. Luther White helpt Charles plow. Very warm. Called on Elisa, she is better.

Thursday 18th. Commenced raining this morning and has rained all day-done house work and made Charles a shirt. Oh, I dearly love a rainy day. Charles worked in shop.

Friday 19th. Still rainy, foggy weather-had company from the shop to dinner. Mrs. P. called. The mail came with a letter from Charley. He is at Arlington Heights. Mr. N. Howe and wife (Tess Powell), Mrs. S. Warton and Lina called this evening. Had a real good visit. Charles worked in shop all day.

Saturday 20th. Still stormy and foggy. Done up work and churned, left Tallie to keep house-went calling. Called on Mrs. Dickey, Levi's folks and Mrs. Van Houghton. Charles went to Cameron this forenoon, worked in shop this afternoon. Thundered some this afternoon-cleared off tonight.

Sunday 21st. Done mornings work. Went to Sabbath School. Called to see N. H. over to A. C. 's, he is quite sick. Came home, read some, took a walk down in the fields to see Chas. salt the sheep. Took Willie with me. We gathered wild flowers. I went to meeting this afternoon. Mr. Richardson preached. Saw D. B. A thunder shower tonight.

Monday 22nd. A pleasant morning-washed and churned. Attalia stayed home half a day-got our work done up at noon. Charles went to Bennettsville to mill. Very hard thunder shower this afternoon with thunder, lightning and hail. Will it ever get dry enough to plant. Hope so. Elisa called.

Tuesday 23rd. Cleared off this morning and the sun shone again. I have had the sick headache today-have not done much. Charles worked in shop this forenoon and built garden fence this afternoon-sowed plaster. Quite cold, fear a frost tonight. Sowed Plaster-put lime on his fields.

Wednesday 24th. A heavy frost this morning, a cool day. Charles took Willie and I down to Uncle Isaac Jones'. Em and Sarry was there. Called on Han. Charles came down after us tonight. He sowed his peas this afternoon and plaster. Looks like rain. The children have gone to a surprise party to F. H. , Rachel B. stays with Tallie.

Thursday 25th. A lovely morning. Cleared off and looks very pleasant. Charles planted his corn. Mrs. Downs and her mother have been here avisiting today. Went after cows. Called to M. P. 's. Mrs. C. and Mrs. John Travis was there. Feel quite tired out tonight-very pleasant.

Friday 26th. Pleasant still. Charles planted his potatoes today. Willie ran away and went down in the field. I was frightened-thought he was lost. Called on Granny Creasy. Lina and Charles made a bet if Charley comes home next week, Lina is to pay for the oysters. If he don't Charles is to pay for them.

Saturday 27th. A very pleasant day. Though the wind is in the north. I white washed and done considerable if not more-feel quite tired. Glad Sunday is so near. Charles worked in shop all day.

Sunday 28th. A cold though pleasant day. Went to Sabbath school this morning. Took a stroll through the woods with Eddy, Attalia, Rita, Newton, Tess and Lina. We gathered wild flowers and eat birch. Found a tree Charley marked his name on May 18, 1863. N. marked his name beneath it May 28, 1865. Called to see A. W. He is quite sick, Charles took care of baby and let me go. Mary D. says Charley will be home this week.

Monday 29th. Rather cool today, but pleasant. I white washed and cleaned the chambers, washed straw ticks, and blankets. Went down where Charles was plowing his lower field. Feel very tired tonight.

Tuesday 30th. I was taken sick last night with Cholera Morbis, felt very sick all day. Mrs. D. , Mrs. P. , Mrs. H. , and Mrs. White called to see me. Tallie went to Adrian today.

Wednesday 31st. A very pleasant day. I feel better today than yesterday. Charles washed his sheep today. Mr. N. Howe and wife Lina called. They leave the hill tomorrow. I am sorry to have them leave the hill. Why could they not have settled here and been contented. It would have been real nice. I took tea with Elisa tonight.

© 1998, George Dickey
Introduction, Jan. - Feb. 1865, Mar. 1865, Apr.-May 1865, Jun.-Aug. 1865, Sept.-Nov. 1865,
Dec. 1865-Feb. 1866, Mar. - May 1866, Jun.-Aug. 1866, break, Nov. 1866-Feb. 1867,
Mar. 1867, May-June 1867
, Households on the Swale
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