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Spring 2000

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Households Residing on the Swale

in 1860

edited by

George Dickey

Many of the people listed below are mentioned in the Diary of Abigail Hackett. The diary has been published in the Crooked Lake Review in ten sections starting in the Fall 1997 issue. The diary concludes in this issue.

Mrs. Hackett's diary is a record of the hard life of the people trying to make a living on sub marginal farms of the plateau country of southwestern New York. The area where she lives is called "The Swale." This is an old English word referring to an area characterized by small swampy depressions. The Swale is in the town of Canisteo in Steuben County.

The Swale road runs east and west along the ridge above the Canisteo River. To the west of the Hackett farm, along this road are the farms of the Turners and Whites, Mrs. T. and Mrs. W. Across the road is the home of widow Elisa Downs, her son Sanford Jr. is in the army. Also living with Elisa is her mother Granny Creasy. Farther along the road to the west at the top of a steep hill sits the school house and the farms of the Frisbees, the Kents, Warren Downs, the Saxtons and along a road to the north the Converses and Diamonds. To the east of the Hackett farm, along the Swale road, are the farms of Miles Powell and my great-great grandparents Samuel and Rebecca Dickey, Mrs. P. and Mrs. D. Next comes the cemetery and across the road from it another of Miles Powell's farms currently the home of his son-in-law Newton Howe. Next on either side of the road to Adrian are the farms of Andrew and Levi Creasy, the brothers of Elisa Downs, and across the road from them the Asa Downs farm, which is occupied by a family named Hall, as Asa is living with his son Warren. Further along the road on the flat at the foot of a steep pitch in the road are the farms of Isaac Jones Jr. , Mark Jones and across the road his brother-in-law, Samuel Drake, then the farm of Isaac Jones Sr. , and across the road his brother Israel Jones.

Population of the area is at a maximum at the time Mrs. Hackett writes. In a few years many of her neighbors will start to abandon their farms to go in search of better land in the west, or move to jobs in the new factories in towns. In many cases the children will move away and the farms will be abandoned when the parents die or go to spend their declining years with their children.

Map of the Swale to be posted shortly.

Households Residing on the Swale in 1860

Abigail and Charles Hackett and their five children are not in this listing
because they didn't move to the Swale until August 19, 1861.

Edwin 34 years
Augusta 27 years
Cyrus 10 years
William 2 years
Ada 4 months

Joseph 27 years
Eliza 19 years
Mark 2 years

Julia 52 years
Israel 24 years
William 17 years
Hannah 13 years
Warren 11 years
Frances 8 years

Frank 32 years
Adelia (Jones) 30 years
Emily Smith 17 years

Mathias 27 years
Abigail (Frisby) 30 years
Nancy 6 years
Susan 1 year

William 29 years
Sarah (Jones, dau. 28 years
of Israel)

Andrew "Perk" 35 years
Sarah (White) 29 years
Charles 8 years
Andrew 6 years
John 3 years
Lida 1 year
Betsy (mother) 77 years

Levi 38 years
Mary (Robinson) 34 years
Florence 2 years
Lewis 4 months

Bradley 58 years
Sally 53 years
Bradley Hemmingway 9 years
Zacharias 39 years

Samuel 53 years
Rebecca (Hallett) 49 years
Mary 19 years
Erastus 17 years
Fanny 14 Years

Elisa 48 years
Sanford 18 years

Warren 41 years
Sarah (Wolbert) 38 years
Ella 6 years
Asa 79 years

Smith 40 years
Sarah 35 years
Olive 4 years

George 30 years
Jane (Barber) 31 years
Sarah 1 year

Joel 67 years
Emily 21 years
William 17 years

Anson 58 years
Sarah 48 years
Abraham Bradford 9 years

Charles 32 years
Melissa 25 years
Eugene 7 Years

Silas 41 years
Mary (McGrady) 43 years
Maria 18 years
Olive 14 years
Marian 7 years
Emogene 4 years
Margaret McGrady 67 years
Richard 29 years
Catherine 16 years

Isaac 58 years
Ruth (Balch) 63 years

Isaac 30 years
Emily (Drake) 25 years
Orin 4 years
Orson 2 years

Israel 57 years
Malinda (Downs) 49 years
Julia 24 years

Mark 27 years
Hannah (Drake) 23 years
Willis 2 years
Julia 6 months
Eurena Howe 15 years

Erastus 42 years
Rebecca 34 years
Franklin 12 years
Anna 10 years
Sarah 5 years
Mary 3 years
Charles 1 year

Roderick 39 years
Alice (Dennis) 33 years
Emma 7 years
Dennis 1 years

William 55 years
Lydia (Miller) 37 years
Joseph 17 years
David 15 years
Mary 14 years
George 13 years
Robert 12 years
Harlo 8 years
Clarke 6 years
Charlotte 3 years

Miles 50 years
Aseneth 44 years
Narcissa 23 years
Pernila 16 years
Iretta 7 years
Lewellan Helmer 20 years
(hired Man)

Andrew 27 years
Nancy (Brownell) 21 years
Lucretia 2 years
Ellen 1 month

Daniel 35 years
Lydia (Moore) 32 years
Adelbert13 years
Adelia11 years
John5 years
Sylvia3 years
Louisa1 year

Stephen 45 years
Nancy 49 years
George 18 years

Burdett 46 years
Susan 42 years
Charles 14 years
Sarah 9 years

Ralph 34 years
Mercy 48 years
Isaac10 years
Flora 7 years
John 5 years

Able 54 years
Nancy (Phonix) 44 years
George 16 years
Luther 12 years
Ross 10 years
Harmon 8 years

Samuel 44 years
Elizabeth 33 years
Catherine 17 years
Permelia 10 years

© 2000, George Dickey
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