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About the Crooked Lake Review

The Crooked Lake Review is a local history magazine for
the Conhocton, Canisteo, Tioga, Chemung and Genesee river valleys,
and for the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario regions of New York State.
It is a review of the accomplishments of the men,
women and families who settled in these regions,
built homes, cleared farms and started businesses.
It is also a review of the present work and aspirations
of the people who were born here or who came to live here.
The first issue of the Crooked Lake Review appeared in May 1988.
Starting with Issue 134, the Crooked Lake Review is published
online only. Issue 133 Winter 2005 was the last print edition.
All the articles from the print issues are posted on the website. In August 2008,
the Crooked Lake Review switched to a blog format for new articles.
David Minor, a long-time contributor to the Crooked Lake Review,
is the editor of the Crooked Lake Review Blog.
Martha and William Treichler founded the Crooked Lake Review. When
they arrived in New York State in 1975, Martha and Bill became members
of the Steuben County Historical Society to learn more about the history of
this region. They met people through the Society who became writers for the
Crooked Lake Review. Frequently readers offered stories for publications
and became regular contributors. When Bill died in 2008, the Crooked Lake
Review switched to a blog format and David Minor took editorial responsibility.
The Crooked Lake Review exists through the generosity of the people who write
and contribute their stories, essays, biographies, comments, reviews of books,
and discoveries of early news items for publication.
We appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Please contact us at editor@crookedlakereview.com
Crooked Lake is the old name for Keuka Lake.
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