The Crooked Lake Review

Winter 2000

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Issue No. 114

About this Issue

My Father and J. B. Maltby Wholesale Groceries
by Inez Albee

Outward Voyage of the Schooner Nancy in 1821, 1822
by Robert V. Anderson

Retracing the Route of the Sullivan Expedition
by Thomas D. Cornell

Diary of Abigail Hackett, Part 9
by George Dickey

Naples in Early 20th Century
by Gladys Dunton

Squire Fisher's Open House
by J. Sheldon Fisher

Coye Point
by Beth Flory

A Grateful Salute to J. Sheldon and Lillian Fisher
by Robert Koch

Time Marches On: From 1900 to 2000
by Catherine Pierce

New York Timeline: 1801, 1802
by David Minor

Henry Kleckler Remembered
by Richard Sherer

The Invention of the "Girl -Less" Telephone
by Donovan Shilling

Two Settlers' Accomplishment
by John Rezelman

Establishing A Ski Area At Swain
by David Robinson

Technological Obsolescence
by Elwyn VanEtten

NSG Visits Bully Hill and the Glenn Curtiss Museum
by Donovan Shilling

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