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Winter 2000

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About the Winter 2000 Issue

Note from the Editors

Fourteen writers familiar to readers of The Crooked Lake Review have supplied essays, articles and stories to mark the Millennium Year.

Gladys Dunton contributes her first story with her reminiscence of life in Naples, New York, during the early years of the 20th century. Miss Dunton's life very nearly spans the hundred years—she was born August 11, 1901. She recalls distinctly the inhabitants of her birthplace village over the years of her childhood and adolescence.

Beth Flory wrote the introduction for Gladys Dunton's story and also an account of Coye Point and the cottage her grandfather bought in 1921 where she lives now.

Robert Koch salutes Sheldon and Lillian Fisher. He regularly broadcasts on cultural and historical events from WXXI-FM in Rochester. He lives in Pittsford.

"Squire Fisher's Open House," a chapter from Sheldon Fisher's book, The Groaning Tree, tells about his grandfather's home, its residents and many visitors.

Thomas D. Cornell's essays have appeared in earlier issues. "Franklin's Frontier" is the third in a series about retracing the Sullivan Expedition in Pennsylvania.

Inez Albee has written earlier about her family and tells this time about her father and the J. B. Maltby Wholesale Grocery Company. Mrs Albee lives in Bath.

Richard Sherer recalls stories about engine designer, master mechanic and eternal boy, Henry Kleckler. Richard Sherer is Steuben County Historian, and lives in Pleasant Valley.

Catherine Pierce tells about her grandparent's and her parent's plucky resourcefulness and her parent's prosperity. Mrs. Pierce's home is in the wooded country near Lindley.

John Rezelman tells a story about skiing. He writes regularly for country-living magazines. John likes hand tools and has made wooden garden tools and handyman devices for gardening at his home in Bath.

David Robinson writes about establishing a ski area in Swain. He studies pre-history sites in this country and Europe and writes for journals bringing the work of other investigators together. He lives in Swain.

David Minor's New York time line continues with the years 1801 and 1802. He maintains an up-to-the-minute history-research website with links to his weekly radio scripts, his New York Timeline and related URLs. He lives in Pittsford.

Donovan Shilling tells about the invention of the "girl-less" telephone. He has written many stories of Rochester entrepreneurs and built elaborate miniature scenes. He is Chronicler for the New Society of the Genesee. Don lives in Penfield.

Robert Anderson writes about the voyage of the schooner Nancy. He delights in finding old records and explaining what they signify. He is a retired professor of political science and lives in New Hartford, New York.

Elwyn VanEtten writes about the technology available for geneological research. He volunteers and teaches genealogy classes at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. He lives in Big Flats and is an active supporter of the Big Flats Museum.

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