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Fall 2004

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About the Fall 2004 Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue of the Crooked Lake Review contains articles and stories from many long-time contributors. The issue begins with David Minor's Timeline of the Year 1827. David's NYC/NYS Timeline began in issue no. 106 with the year 1784. His chronicles of the year have been expanding since then when an account of one year would fit on a single page until now when year 1827 requires 12 pages.

Richard Palmer contributes An Old Tar's Twisters, Great Lakes Yarns from the Oswego Palladium. Richard first article in the CLR, "Canandaigua: Stage Coach Town" appeared in issue no. 67. Since then he has contributed articles about early transportation on lakes, rivers, canals and railroads in New York. Dick also sends stories of old-time places and early newspaper items.

Beth Flory contributes October to December 1904 and 1954 from her "Glancing Backwards" series in the Naples Record. Beth's first piece in the CLR, "A Visit to Fairview Cemetery" was in issue no. 102. She wrote about the Naples Clubs in no. 105, Coye Point in #114, and about her grandfather Park J. Stoddard in issue no. 124. Beth's series of news items from the Naples Record of 100 and 50 years ago has appeared for two years here.

Jane Davis presents an account of the Beddoe Tract in Jerusalem town, Yates County. article The article begins with the settlements of Jemima Williamson's adherents, then traces the life of John Beddoe and continues with the lives of his descendants to present day Branchport. Jane's first article in the CLR, "The 'Fielding' of Penn Yan Bill," was in issue no. 99. Jane compiled an index for the first 100 issues of the CLR in 1996.

Thomas D. Cornell has contributed many essays to the CLR beginning with his account of Charles Lyell's 1841 tour of Steuben County in issue no. 42. Tom wrote a series of essays on the Hammondsport Glen, another on searching for the American Revolution, and now begins a series on the Genesee River.

Elizabeth Shanklin's study of the First Maternal Association of Utica continues in this issue with Part V: Calvinist Childrearing Methodology. Elizabeth's study shows changing religious attitudes from the severe treatment of children under Puritan doctrine to a rejection of those destructive methods by prominent women in Utica and their establishment of the Maternal Society and their publication Mothering Magazine. Part 1: Introduction appeared in issue no. 129.

The January 2005 issue of the Crooked Lake Review will bring Wayne Mahood's account of Civil War soldier Ralph Brown, who was born in Hammondsport and grew up in Penn Yan; also John Sharet's article about The Dibble Seed Company, David Minor's long Timeline for the year 1828, more of Elizabeth Shanklin's Authorizing Mothers, and continuing essays of Thomas Cornell's Vignettes of the Genesee River.

This issue is the last issue of the Crooked Lake Review that will appear in a printed format. Beginning in January 2005, the Crooked Lake Review will be published online only. The online edition will continue to be a free publication.

New editions will be added monthly to our website. We are also adding back issues to the website. Our website now goes back to no. 114, the Winter 2000 issue.

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