November 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

David Robinson's account of the early stone and earth constructions on the bluff between the two arms of Lake Keuka begins this issue. Mr. Robinson has visited archeological sites around the world and he compares descriptions of the Bluff Point ruins with similar ancient works in Europe. He supplied the map of the Bluff Point site made by Samuel H. Wright and the biographical sketch of S. H. Wright from Cleveland's History of Yates County, New York. David Robinson lives in Swain, New York.

Herbert Wisbey salutes diners and particularly the Penn Yan Diner which has been in business for 68 years. Dr. Wisbey was professor of history and head of the department of History and Political Science at Keuka College for ten years and still has a summer cottage on Lake Keuka near Penn Yan.

Hannah Lapp contributes another selection from her book about her family all working together to have their own farm in Chautauqua County, New York. Ms. Lapp has had articles published in the American Agriculturalist, the Freeman, and the Wall Street Journal.

Robert Koch writes about Noah Webster and his speller that standardized language and communication in this country. Dr. Koch was professor and chair of Language and Literature at R. I. T. from 1950 to 1970. He can be heard on WXXI-FM with his program "The Best is Yet" Tuesday mornings at 7:45 and Thursday mornings at 7:15, and also on Saturday mornings at 9:30 speaking on area history.

Chapter 9 from The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith continues our serialization. This time the Elliot sisters are worried that wolves will eat their treasured Christmas roses. Dr. Smith wrote a history of Geneva titled An Elegant But Salubrious Village that was published in 1934 when he was 28 years old.

Part II of Robert F. McNamara's story of his 1928 automobile trip in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, starts on page 11. Rev. McNamara has written several parish histories, papers about early Catholics in Rochester, and many articles about Southern Tier history.

Our issue concludes with an excerpt from The Centennial of Bath, New York 1793-1893 about the men who organized the Bachelor Party, won an election, and cleaned up Pulteney Square and the streets of Bath.

Next Issue

How Rochester Lamps Helped Light up the World by Donovan A. Shilling will appear in the December issue.

The next issue will also contain another installment from Hannah Lapp's book, The Grapes of Opportunity, another episodes from Rev. McNamara's Canadian trip, and Chapter X from Warren Smith's The Misses Elliot of Geneva.

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