March 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with first of three articles by John Rezelman about the styles of barns built by farmers in this part of New York. For years John Rezelman was with farm credit associations in Steuben County and he saw many barns over a wide area.

Robert Koch tells the story of salt, that prized condiment and necessary preservative, and its uses in western New York by pioneers and farmers. Robert Koch broadcasts historical sketches about this part of the country every Saturday morning at 9:30 from WXXI-FM.

We are nearing the end of our serialization of the 1842 diary of Josephine deZeng. There will be two more installments.

Betty Smalley's story about Edward and Martha Prentiss and their family continues from the January issue. Mrs. Smalley was born in one Prentiss house and spent her childhood in another Prentiss house in Pulteney.

James Folts recalls Joe Rosenkrans's notorious life. Jim is historian for the village of Cohocton and associate archivist for New York State Archives in Albany.

We continue selections from three ongoing books: Chapter 3 of The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith; another chapter from Harpending's Corners by Edwin Harris; and another selection from Ansel McCall's 1893 Bath Centennial address.

Next Issue

Walter Edmonds, Our Stalwart, an essay by Bill Kauffman first published in New York History, October, 1992, will begin in the April issue. Walter Edmonds wrote Rome Haul, Drums Along the Mohawk, Chad Hanna, and other novels that told of the opening of western New York.

Also, next month will be the last entries from Josephine deZeng's diary with notes about her subsequent life. James Folts winds up his story about Joe Rosenkrans and includes a detailed list of his information sources.

In the April issue you can read about the typical late 19th century barn by John Rezelman; salt mining in western New York by Robert Koch; more from The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith; and more of Ansel McCall's History of Bath.

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