April 1993

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

About Josephine Matilda deZeng

November 1842

Thursday, 10th

This morning being pleasant. Papa & I rode up to see Mag & "Dill." We found the Standing Committee there, & all in a bustle preparing for dinner. I then went in to Genl. Swift's with my Norma songs. Miss Sarah seemed quite delighted. They urged me to stay all day. I then went to Aunt Sarah & sat with Pa till nearly 1 o 'clock, we then came home to dinner. It rained furiously all the afternoon. Uncle Edward came in to tea & spent the evening. I thought we seemed rather dull, perhaps because the Twamlies are going away.

Friday, 11th

Wrote to May this morning to send by Mr. Strong, but it got down to the office too late. I shopped & called on Miss McKay. This afternoon started for Miss & Mrs. Nicholas's, but meeting Sue Clark & M. DeL. turned back & walked with them as far as Mrs. Ayrault's, then went on to see Mrs. Dorsey about Kit's hat. Ed DeLancey spent the evening here, for a wonder lately.

Saturday, 12th

It rained very hard this morning. I sewed all day until about 5 o'clock & then dressed for Miss DeLancey's, she having sent for me to come & take tea with Cordelia & Mag. Edward DeLancey & Paul Cooper came too. We had a very pleasant visit indeed, at least I had. The Misses DeL. talked about France & Italy —& all else that would amuse —

On finding a bowl which some months before had been sent to me with something nice in, when I was sick—

Dear Rachel, I was shocked to-day
On clearing out a closet
To find way back & tucked away
This bowl, so out I draws it.
I've been exceedin' careless, Rach,
To keep it here so long,
But 'deed it will a lesson "tache"
I'll ne'er again do wrong,
So please excuse the blunder,
Twas made with no intent
Of stealing or of plunder
For such is not my bent.


The diary now skips from November 12,1842, to March 1, 1854, almost 12 years later.
The concluding page will appear in our next issue.
Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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