February 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Bill Kauffman begins this issue with an essay about Warren Hunting Smith, author and scholar who lives in Geneva, N.Y. Bill Kauffman lives close to Batavia, and writes for national magazines and regional papers.

Edwin Harris presents an episode from his traveling days when he was snowbound away from his home in Rochester. This tale will be published in his book Harpending's Corners.

We present additional selections from Josephine deZeng's 1842 diary and another excerpt from Ansel McCall's June 1893, Bath Centennial historical address.

Robert Koch gives us the third and last installment of his account of natural scientist, adventurer, and promoter Henry A. Ward

The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith continues with the remaining half of chapter two.

Rev. Robert McNamara contributes the concluding chapter of his tribute to Charles C. Corwin, fondly remembered as "Corning's Mr. Music."

James Folts tells more of the escapades of Joe Rosenkrans, Steuben County's Most Famous Criminal.

Next Issue

John Rezelman comes back in the March issue with the first article of his series on the types of barns favored by farmers at different periods in western New York. Edwin Harris will appear again with another story from the 1950s when he was a concrete specialist and worked with the industry representatives and regional managers. James Folts has more to tell about Joe Rosenkrans and his scrapes, and his story will continue in the March issue. There will be another installment from The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith. Early salt making in western New York will be the subject of an article by Robert Koch. In March you can read more from Josephine deZeng's 1842 diary written when she was 19 years old, more from the early history of the Pulteney purchase by Ansel McCall, and features about museums, historical societies and coming events.

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