February 1993

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

About Josephine Matilda deZeng

November 1842

Monday, 1st

Harriet Frazer has been sewing here all day today. I sewed diligently all the morning, and after dinner went shopping, bought materials for Ma's caps. Took some pears to Miss McKay, and saw her new hats, very pretty. I then called at Mrs. Hargin's—her things are beautiful. I bought a scarf of her. Met Sarah S. down st. & congratulated her that John was Esqr. Papa brought home today a number of the "Musical Library." I amused myself till nearly eight o'clock trying the Waltzes & Songs in it, which I found very pretty. Uncle Edward then came in and sat until nine giving us accounts of his adventures on Sodus Bay, sailing, shooting, etc., etc.

Aunt Sarah was here some time this afternoon, seemingly rather in trouble than otherwise —

Tuesday, 2nd

Made Mama two caps this morning, and this afternoon walked down st. to pay Mrs. Hargin for a scarf I bought of her yesterday.

Overtook Meg DeLancey & Sue Clarke and walked with them as far as Mr. Hughes' store. On my way up met the Bishop & Mrs. DeLancey, they seemed very friendly, to my astonishment as Mrs. DeL. has hardly spoken lately. Called at the Lawrences on my way home & was amused by seeing the people rush to a fire down st. Afterwards went to see Harriet Prouty, her new hat and Cardinal. And this evening went with Pa & Will to Signor Nagel's concert. The audience was so small that he deferred it, but gave us a charming treat by playing one tune. It was exquisite. Had a letter from May T. E. today.

Wednesday, 2nd[?]

Made Ma's cap this morning, and this afternoon dressed myself to go & see the girls up st. take tea with Aunt Cutbush. Met Mag & her mother, & Annie Peyton. Mag said she was sorry she was not at home, & supposed I would not be up there again for [a] century. Mrs. DeL. took no notice of me. Annie was very friendly. I found Janet at home alone, & had a pleasant half hour with her. Aunt S. told me Mag had been to see her, about my not coming up there. I think M. acts ridiculous, she knows I have been sick, and am not well today. Aunt S. said she would tell Mag. I had a very pleasant tea & Aunt S. gave me a present of some signet feathers. When I came home found Dr. Brower & George Gallagher—the latter brought me some Music, "The Bird at Sea"—to learn for him—!

Thursday, 3rd

Uncle Ed. was here nearly all the morning, after he went I dressed & called at the Megraths, Sutherlands & Whitings. After dinner Harriet Prouty came over, and wanted me to call at the Angus's with her. I then persuaded her afterwards to walk up st. with me. We met Mag DeL. & her Aunt Martha, Janet C.—they were all very friendly. I told Mag she could not blame me, as she was always out. We stopped at Annie's, & I then went up to Josie Swift's—she is just getting over Cashine-poison. I had a delightful visit there, promised to send Miss Sarah some music and learn some duets with her this Winter. At their gate met Annie & Harriet walking up for me & going past the Bishop Mag knocked on the window & said we must come in—she told me Aunt S. had explained all, & I suppose she is quite satisfied.

This evening went to Signor Nagel's concert. It is astonishing to what perfection this musical execution can be brought. It was almost enough to inspire one, to listen to it. John Whiting & Sarah Sutherland together of course, & very devoted.

Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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