The Crooked Lake Review

Summer 2002

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The Pioneer Settler

upon the Holland Purchase, and his Progress


Orsamus Turner from the History of the Holland Purchase

First Scene, Second Scene, Third Scene, Fourth Scene

Third Scene

It is summer. Ten years have passed; our pioneer adventurer, it will be seen at the first glance, has not been idle; thirty or forty acres are cleared and enclosed. Various crops are growing, and the whole premises begin to have the appearance of careful management, of thrift, comfort and even plenty. The pioneer has made a small payment upon his land, and got his "article" renewed. He has put up a comfortable blockhouse, but has had too much reverence for his primitive dwelling to remove it. He has a neat framed barn, a well dug, a curb and sweep; a garden surrounded with a picket fence. His stock is increased as may be seen, by a look off into the fields. The improvement of his neighbors have reached him, and he can look out, without looking up. A school district has been organized, and the comfortable log school house appears in the distance. A framed bridge upon the stream, has taken the place of the one of logs. The pioneer, we may venture to assume, is either Colonel of militia, a Captain, a Supervisor of the town, or a Justice of the peace; however it may be, he is busy in his haying. And she, the better part of his household, must not be lost sight of; and she need not be, for the artist has been mindful of her. She is busy with her domestic affairs; there is quiet and even loneliness about her; but, depend upon it, there are in yonder log school house, some half a dozen that she cares for and hopes for. — Orsamus Turner from Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase.

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