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Gary Lehmann

Gary Lehmann is a writer, playwright and poet who holds degrees from Duke University [Ph.D.], University of Michigan [M.A.], Syracuse University [B.A.] and University College, Galway, Ireland. He has written articles for the Crooked Lake Review on Iron Smelting in Penfield, barter in Richfield Springs, and shoemaking in East Avon. He has worked with the Globe Theatre in London, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian Institution, and a number of local museums including the Rochester Museum and Science Center, the Strong Museum, the Biloxi Cultural Center, and the Genesee Country Museum. Gary teaches writing and poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been the Writer in Residence at Roberts Wesleyan College. His three act play "Susan B," about Susan B. Anthony's role in the suffrage movement in the nineteenth century, has been produced in Rochester and Canandaigua and reviewed at the Detroit Repertory Theatre. He is the director of the Athenaeum Poetry group which published its first chapbook, Poetic Visions under his guidance. He is also author of a book of poetry entitled Public Lives and Private Secrets [Foothills Press, 2005] on the private lives of famous people. He regularly publishes 100 articles per year and has interpreted 19th century shoemaking at the Genesee Country Museum, The Cobblestone Museum, and the Valentown Museum.


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