March 1994

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with Iroquois Stories by Thomas D. Cornell. In this new series of essays he writes of his introduction, through collecting arrowheads and pottery pieces in different parts of this country, to Indian myths, and his growing appreciation of the Indian's linkage to their land. The first essay is titled "Behind the Fence". Thomas Cornell teaches courses on the history of science and technology at R. I. T. His set of essays about the Hammondsport Glen were in our May through November 1993 issues.

Richard Sherer contributes an account of the many photographers who had studios in Hammondsport at different times. Reproductions of some of their photographs from his collection are included. Dick Sherer is the historian for Steuben County and for the Town of Urbana. He designed and built most of the displays in the Cohocton Valley Farm Museum, which was featured in our September 1993 issue.

Donovan A. Shilling tells the story of John C. Lighthouse who manufactured halters, bridles, and collars for horses, and pouches for letter carriers from leather produced in his Rochester tannery. Don Shilling's story of the famous locomotive 999 appeared in our May 1993 issue and his story about Rochester lamps in our December 1993 issue. Don Shilling lives in Penfield, New York.

We present another selection from Hannah Lapp's book-in-progress, The Grapes of Opportunity. Miss Lapp lives in Chautauqua County.

This issue concludes with Chapter 13 of The Misses Elliot of Geneva, Warren H. Smith's fictional account of Geneva life early in this century. This chapter is about Dr. Theophilus Gordon, a frequent guest of the Elliots, and the gossip at their teas. Warren Hunting Smith lives in Geneva.

Next Issue

In our April issue we will begin printing the 1826 diaries of Cornelius Younglove. He and his wife and three young children came from Vermont in 1807 to Pleasant Valley, between Bath and Hammondsport. His diaries have been kept by the family and have been copied and saved by his great-great-great grandson, Leonard Wood. Thomas Cornell's essay The Last Arrowhead Hunt will also be in the April issue, and another chapter from Warren H. Smith's The Misses Elliot of Geneva .

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