January 1994

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Family Stories

Peter Graves


Inez Livermore Albee

Many stories about early ancestors have been handed down in my family. Here is one of the stories:

My great-great grandmother, Susanna Tice Graves, had a brother Peter who was called to serve in the War of 1812. He was told to report in one week. The family decided that he needed a new suit to wear.

As there was a fleece of grey sheep's wool stored under the bed, the family pulled it out. The girls began to card the wool. Someone began to spin what had been carded. Neighbors heard of the need and came to help. The loom was set up and the cloth was woven. Soon it was ready for a garment to be cut. They made him a suit, pants and jacket, in the seven days before he had to leave for the war.

Would we be able to do that today?

Thomas Hope


James E. Hope

My grandfather, Thomas Hope, was born February 2, 1838, in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He was in 17 engagements for the South's cause and wounded only once, before he accepted amnesty from the North. The Union forces sent him back into battle and he was captured by Southern forces who discovered that he had been a Confederate soldier. Grandfather was sentenced to be shot as a traitor, but before the order could be executed he managed to take a general's horse, the only one available, and ride north to Sharpsburg. He was taken by Union troops and this time made certain that he got on the train for Elmira. This was the spring of 1865 and the war was nearly over. Grandfather was in the prison camp only a short time, but he did meet Miss Frances Hamilton of Caton who had brought gifts of provisions for the prisoners. He corresponded with Miss Hamilton and shortly after he was released they were married. I do remember my grandfather Hope; I was five years old when he died April 4, 1925.

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