June 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Twenty years ago this month runoff from heavy rains of June 22 and 23, 1972, swelled the Conhocton and Tioga rivers where they came together near Painted Post and flooded all the wide valley. Joe Kane recalls the record high water. Amy Fowler has set down his narration of the events the flood. Joseph Kane is the director of the Erwin Museum, historian for the Town of Erwin, and historian for the Village of Painted Post. Amy Fowler was a junior in 1984 at Painted Post's West High School. She worked at the Erwin Museum in the summertime helping Mr. Kane look after exhibits, and doing typing chores for him. One day when her work was all caught up, she suggest that he tell her about the flood of '72 that she might take it down. Joe told her all he could remember and find in his notes; Amy produced the typescript that is reproduced here. Mr. Kane says that he has lost track of Amy, but he thinks she may have moved away when her father, an engineer, was transferred to another plant location. The photograph is from the Erwin Museum.

Robert Koch begins a series about passenger vehicles. His article this month is about horse cars in Rochester and the trolleys that replaced them. Robert Koch broadcasts his talks about history on Saturday mornings at 9:30 from WXXI-FM. He reports on cultural events from the same radio station on Tuesday mornings at 7:45, and Thursday mornings at 7:15.

Our editor Bill Treichler describes a visit to the New York Museum of Transportation . Railway exhibits from a private museum in Pennsylvania, which had to close because of flooding by Hurricane Agnes in 1972, were brought to Rush and became the basis of the Museum's collection. 1991 was a year of accomplishment for the Museum: new exhibits and displays were added, the archives were further preserved and indexed, a sound system was installed, and income over expense for the year yielded $3581. Membership nearly doubled to around 80, and the Museum's provisional charter was extended for five more years.

We present another installment of Josephine deZeng's diary telling of her daily life in Geneva during the summer of 1842.

Edwin Harris continues the story of his work experiences at the L.B. Finewood company from 1948 until 1956, and brings us up to that date with family events.

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