July 1988

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1776. 1875.
Grand Celebration
Opening of the Bath & Hammondsport Narrow Gauge Railroad
Delightful Excursions on the Lake.

from the Hammondsport Herald

The citizens of Hammondsport and vicinity have determined that the 99th anniversary of our glorious Independence shall be celebrated on Monday, the 5th day of July, 1875, and the opening of the Narrow Gauge Rail Road at the same time.

They have chosen as President of the Day, Andrew A. White, Esq.; Vice-Presidents, George W. Nichols, J.W. Davis, Delos Rose, James H. Giffin and Charles Brownell; Marshall, Major B. Bennitt; Assistant Marshalls, Capt. Sam C. Haight and Alexander B. McFie, Esq.; Superintendent of Fire Works, Alanson D. Horton. The Committee have secured Hon. Darius A. Ogden, one of the finest orators in the state, to deliver the oration. Reader, William H. Nichols; Reader of the Emancipation Proclamation, Fred Bennitt; Executive Committee, S. S. Fairchild, G. E. Rosenkrans, H. D. Rose, A. A. White and B. Bennitt; Treasurer, G. E. Rosenkrans.

The citizens of Urbana and all the neighboring towns are requested to join with us in the celebration of this glorious day. We expect to awake the echoes of the valley.

Besides the regular reading, and oration, 99 guns will be fired. The Fusileers will be out in force. Large prizes will be paid for the best in rowing matches and foot race, together with sack race and climbing the greased pole.

Mons. Bazine, of Montreal, will make a descent from the steeple of the Presbyterian Church with a parachute. In the evening the best and most extensive Fire Works ever displayed in the county.

There will also be present and participating in the exercises more bands of music than ever were at one time in the Valley.

The steamer "Steuben" will leave Hammondsport 9 A. M., arrive at Penn Yan 12 M; leave Penn Yan 2 P. M., arrive at Hammondsport 4 P. M. And after that hour will run to accommodate any excursion on the lake that may be desired during the afternoon and evening.

The steamer "Yates" will leave Penn Yan at 9 A.M., arrive at Hammondsport 12 M., and will remain at Hammondsport to accommodate all excursion parties.

The excursions will, unless otherwise desired, stop at Grove Spring, Gibsons, Bluff Point, Keuka and other intermediate points.

One boat will return to Penn Yan as early in the evening as passengers from there may desire.

Trains will run over the Bath & Hammondsport Railroad every hour during the day and evening.

Bath celebrates on the 3d, when we expect to join with them, and they expect to join with us in the celebration here.

Besides the many other attractions, the celebrated Hammondsport Glen will be in full blast, which. with its stupendous walls of rocks, waterfalls and cascades, is worth a trip across the Atlantic to see. Mr. Barnes will be on hand to serve refreshments to all comers.

—The elegant little cars upon the Bath & Hammondsport Road are the admiration of all. They are well ventilated, and upholstered with handsome crimson velvet. A person comfortably seated and riding through the valley has a certain "I don't care to ever get out of this" feeling that is very pleasant to experience. Open excursion cars are to be put in readiness for July 5th.

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