June 1988

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100 Years Ago

in the Hammondsport Herald

Front page feature story headlines

May 30, 1888

Gettysburg—How the Famous Battle Has Been Fought Over on Paper. Wordy Controversies.

Some Strange Occurrences Not Yet Explained—Was the Victory Won by Accident or Brought About by Blunder? The Story as History Will Record It.

Fred Wagoner of Penn Yan has his new sail boat nearly completed. It is made with more regard to pleasure than speed. It is provided with a commodious cabin and is well adapted for a pleasure cruise.

June 6, 1888

The Steamer Lulu was launched Saturday afternoon and taken to Penn Yan where she will be painted and repairs on the machinery completed.

The annual meeting of the trustees of the Hammondsport Library will be held in the library rooms, Thursday evening, June 9th, 1888.

Col. Robert G. Ingersoll and Hon. Chauncey M. Depew delivered eloquent Memorial Day addresses at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York on the night of May 30.

June 13, 1888

A new barn, said to be the largest in the town of Urbana, is being built on the upper farm of Daniel Sanford, commonly known as the Rosenkrans place. The dimensions are 65 x 72 with gambrel roof and two cupolas. It is finished with matched pine, and is an excellent example of building throughout. Ewing Bailey is doing the work.

The Courtright, the handsome new yacht for the Grove Springs House visited Hammondsport for the first time on Friday last, and again on Saturday. She runs very fast and will make it exceedingly interesting for the yachts of the lake.

June 20, 1888

The low steamboat fare inaugurated upon Lake Keuka is being imitated by other lakes. Last week it was announced that the fare on Canandaigua lake had been reduced to 25 cents which is followed by the announcement that on and after July 1, and until Nov. 1, 1888, the fare from all points on Seneca lake will be but 25 cents. While at the unprecedented low rate of 10 cents Lake Keuka steamboats have made little or no money, the lake traffic has been immense, and Lake Keuka has received a boom which makes it one of the most popular of the chain of lakes to which she belongs. The ten cent fare has lined the shore with beautiful cottages, bringing thousands of people each year, and the permanent investment of thousands of dollars annually. And what we already see is only the beginning. Lake Keuka beats them all in point of natural advantages, and what nature has not done is being done by men of wealth and enterprise from the cities and larger villages of this region.

June 27, 1888

Cornell University numbers one thousand and twenty students.

It is one hundred years ago this year since Jemima Wilkinson settled in Yates County.

D. Dempsey of Geneva has invented a new "jumper" for conveying fire extinguishers, hose, etc., to fires, in the form of a tricycle, with seats and propelling cranks for three riders. One of the machines has been tested and is now in use by Folger "Hooks" at Geneva, and by its use extinguishers can be conveyed to a fire in incredibly short time.

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