November 1989

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A One-day's Trip


Marie B. Cornell

Many years ago I went on a one-day's trip, there and back, with a friend who lived with his widowed mother on Purdy Street in Bath. By mail, back and forth, he had told me of a plan for a trip and I had accepted his invitation.

At that time I was living with my parents high up on Oak Hill in the northern end of the town of Campbell which joins the southern end of the town of Bradford. This was in late August of 1912, 77 years ago. The weather was ideal. Not too warm, not too cool. No need for a coat or jacket.

After the usual early breakfast, on the day set for the journey my father drove me in the open buggy over the road, down the long steep hill and on through McNutt Run to the Erie Railroad Station at the lower end of Campbell village. Soon a passenger train arrived from Painted Post and Corning. I boarded the train, chose a seat and the train started. Right away I became fascinated by the sight of the landscape which seemed to be hurrying backward. The train stopped once, at Savona, then went on. When we arrived at Bath, as I climbed down, I saw my friend there waiting for me. I noticed also a shorter train nearby. We walked to it and entered a coach. The train started. We were on the Bath and Hammondsport Railroad, more briefly spoken of as "the B & H." The scenery was beautiful, many tree-covered side-hill areas with homes of various shapes and sizes.

Arriving at Hammondsport we left the train, walked to the dock at the head of Keuka Lake and went on board a boat waiting there. The boat started, moved from one side of the lake to the other to visit places on both sides all the way to Branchport. Leaving there we moved in a southerly direction until we were opposite Bluff Point. Circling around the Point we headed north again for Penn Yan. Arriving there we left the lake and walked the length of the main street until we came to the Benham House where we enjoyed a hearty mid-day dinner. Returning to the boat we reversed the route travelled in the forenoon. At Bath my friend saw me board the train to Campbell, and I returned alone. I found my father waiting there to take me home.

'Twas a day I like to remember.

P.S. The evening train on the Erie was due to arrive at Campbell at 8:30.

1989, Marie B. Cornell
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