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April 2008

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1908 and 1958

Glancing Backward

News items from the Naples Record 100 years and 50 years ago


Beth Flory

April 1908

Naples residents who had cottages on the lake were beginning to ready their boats for the summer in spite of lingering snowfalls. Naptha launches were favorites of Jim Tozer and Park Stoddard. Love of fishing seemed to be universal. A new law cut the trout season by a month and shortened setlines to 50 feet. The writer remarked sarcastically that at least hooks were still allowed.

The steamboats were slowly starting their spring routes. Commissioner Childs had the daunting task of making the lake road passable. Representatives of the Buffalo-Pitts Company came to town to demonstrate their steam roller.

Complaints were frequent about bicycles whizzing along village sidewalks and baseball games played in the streets. One hundred years later, kids on skateboards are making the news.

A circular from the American Wine Growers' Association warned that grape growers' business would suffer seriously if the dreaded prohibition were adopted in New York State as most of the grapes were sold to wineries.

April 1958

Nearly one hundred members of the Maxfield Hose Company enjoyed a roast beef dinner and entertainment. A decision had to be made in the selection of a queen to represent Naples in a 9-county contest. The winner would be queen of the Northern Central NY Fireman's Association. Officers were Lyelle Barton, President, Ralph Lyon, Vice-Pres., Willard Clauson, Secretary and John Braun, Treasurer.

Halfway through the month the Fire Department had already put out half a dozen grass fires.

Work began on the next year's school budget. The salary schedule for the coming year started at $4000. for teachers with no degrees and advanced through ten steps to $5600. Teachers with degrees began at $4200. Those with Masters started at $4500 and could finally reach $6100.

Larry Schwingle and Peter Preston were chosen to be delegates to Boys State at Colgate University and Joyce Graff was selected to attend Girls State.

Spirits rose as the temperature reached the seventies.

Beth Flory's "Glancing Backward" column in the Naples Record is compiled from
old news items that appeared in the Record. Reprinted with permission of the Naples Record.
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