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February 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove


1 Thursday
I worked at my maps & just night went to school house & round the valley — Witman Matthews & wife & Father Hoyt came here — Some snow — a little moderate.

2 Friday
Over to school house & so round the valley visiting all day. Sears Clapp & wife here. Moderate — Matthews went home.

3 Saturday
I went to Wayne, Julia went with me. J. DeGraw came here & brot a load of girls visit. Got home 10 o’clock P.M. C.S.Y. went after Lucinda.

4 Sabbath
At home all day. C.S.Y. brot Lucinda home.

5 Monday
I went again to Wayne fitting my maps — Esq Powers, Wife & Julia here in evening. Earthen pedlar all night.

6 Tuesday
Worked at my map. Just night went to H.P. settled with P.J.Velie & got the school money $213.31 — Thawing some today.

7 Wednesday
Worked at map again in afternoon. Went to S. Dusinburys & I got the barley 21½ bus. In evening attended a party at Wm Randels. Warm & thawing.

8 Thursday
Worked at the map again all day. S. Dusenbury drawed wood — cold.

9 Friday
Again worked at the map. Father & Mother went to Abm Brundages & Faulkners — S. Dusinbury drew wood — McGregor took tea here — Finished maps.

10 Saturday
I went up the hill & brot the sheep from Dusenburys. Charles Matthews & wife here on a visit. I attended caucus in afternoon. Wm Pinkerton here all night.

11 Sabbath
Attended the funeral of Robert Harrison & Deacon Sandford was buried today. A kind of influenze is now raging & is taking off many. Ellen has got it now.

12 Monday
I drew four loads of wood from John Daniels hill — sunshine. Sleighing gone.

13 Tuesday
Attended town meeting. The Democrats party got up a good ticket but P.J.Velie was not satisfied that he did not get the nomination for collector & took a nomination from the Whigs. Morris Brown has been very efficient getting up the division & has lent his aid — The Whig ticket came out head “Union Ticket” with 3 or 4 of the prominent officers Whig & filled up with lesser Democrats — Brown in particular has acted a very ungenerous part toward his friends for when he run for assemble his friends buryed all former faults & endeavoured to keep him up to his ticket in this town — the sin of ingratitude is one I hope I may never be guilty of — I should not be at all surprised if the Union Ticket is elected through out. The babies are both sick tonight with the influenza & cough very badly — I am really fearful of the result — especially the small one — The weather is moderate, little rain, wind south — but the wind changed just night & will be cold by morning.

14 Wednesday
Father & I went to H’port, took down the old table to be fixed. McBurney here tonight — Sleighing everywhere else but here.

15 Thursday
Jesse helped me clean up the spring wheat 41½ bushels. B.R.Hurd & wife here.

16 Friday
Self & Hurd went to Bath & then Hurd went home. Deloss Rose & wife here on an evening visit — cold.

17 Saturday
I filled 3 deeds for Finton & Crisler. Caught fox. Tom & Julia started for Doc Chissoms.

18 Sabbath
Very cold — Wrote letter to S.M. Bartlett.

19 Monday
I went to Houghs & brot 30 bushels wheat & put in the granery & went again & took 12 bushel to mill. Warm & sunshine took off sleighing.

20 Tuesday
I went to John Agors & brot 50 rails. McGuig & wife here. Him & I went over to school. Warm & sunny, quite muddy in the road.

21 Wednesday
Father & I put up 6 bushels of wheat & Father took it to J.M.Brundage. I went to Eb Ellis & brot home 30 rails. Broke my sleigh shoe. Warm.

22 Thursday
I weigh 146 pounds. Went down & got the sleigh shoe fixed, got the old table. Handed over books, papers & money to J.H.Hill Town Supt. of Com. Schools. I drew one load of wood. Eunice Baker here.

23 Friday
Warm & sunshiny. I drew down the spring wheat from Houghs in the bundle. Went to H’port with Matilda — She weighs 115 — Myra 33½.

24 Saturday
Father & I fixed the sheep & rigged the threshing machine & when the boys came from school we commenced & threshed a little.

25 Sabbath
At home all day — Matilda went meeting — Sunshine all day muddy.

26 Monday
Threshed & broke down. I made two new arm & Father got some iron mended. Finished threshing.

27 Tuesday
Cleaned up the wheat 12 bushels then went to H.P. Father let H. Warner a job of chopping at 3/ per cord 4/ for rails & 10/ per acre — Took down the threshing machine — Cold N.E. Wind.

28 Wednesday Mr Booth here mending harness. I helped — warm — Charles Hoyt here.

29 Thursday
I oiled harnass. Mr Booth mending harnass. C. Hoyt went to Bath & then to Reading.

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