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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

September, October, November 1841

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

September 1841

1 Wednesday
Self & Thomas finished getting timber for shed & took up 25 doz oats.

2 Thursday
Went up & cradled oats a little while came up a thunder shower about 10 o'clock & rained finely & we had a fine shower. The ground is wetter now than it has been since the 6th day July. Self, wife & Julia went down to Deloss Roses to see B. R. Streety & wife. Found them in fine spirits as happy as any ones can be when enjoying the celebration of their own nuptials.

3 Friday
Took up oats in forenoon, boys all day. D. Rose & wife, B. R. Streety wife & wife's sister, Wm Randell & wife, J. Larrowe & wife here. Had a pleasant visit. B. R. S. wife & sister staid all night. Thunder shower in evening. Myra sick.

4 Saturday
Thomas cut oats, Will threshed seed wheat & I helped some. Father & Julia went to Bath.

5 Sabbath
John Baker from Ohio here in afternoon.

6 Monday
Company training. Thom cut oats.

7 Tuesday
Sowed 12 bushels wheat in front of Abbotts hill house.

8 Wednesday
Started for Michigan - Cornelius took (me) in buggy to Evalinas, Staid at Liberty, took stage at 3 o'clock A.M. on the morning of the ninth. Garret Rosenkrans got in at Patchinville, took breakfast at Dansville, got to Geneseo a little before noon, took dinner at 3 P.M. Took stage again through Peora, Attica & to Alexandria at 10 P.M. Waited for the stage till 3 A.M. & then got J. S. Bartlett to take us to Buffalo. Stage fare from Liberty to Buffalo $5.50 expenses $2.56. Took passage on board the Steamer Constellation commanded by Capt. Hazzard, did not like him at all. The Constellation left Buffalo on the 10 Sept. at 8 o'clock P.M. There was a heavy wind all night but I slept well as had not slept since leaving Liberty. Saturday morning got up late, was quite sick all day, but not the worst off of any one aboard for there was many who were much sicker than I was. The wind was aft & blew briskly all day, there was much good company & although quite sick I enjoyed it pretty well for never before had I seen the wind play with the wide waters. It was something so new to me that I could but admire the scene while I reflected upon the power & wisdom of him who formed & still cradles the wild waters in the palm of his hand. How far beyond human comprehension are the works of the most high god. The day was fine although some windy - landed at Cleveland a little before night, unloaded some & took on some fuel & left about 8 P.M. Touched at Huron and on Sabbath morning (12th) I awoke a little before sunrise. We were between the 3 sisters. The spot was pointed out to me where Perry fought the great battle of Lake Erie. Touched at Walden at past 10 A.M. Saw for the first time in my life Her Majesties Soldiers (Red coats truly) On the Canada side things do not look flourishing as on our side. People going to church in one horse carts. Got to Detroit at past 11 A.M. Dinner with S. P. Wilcox, tea with Doctor Stebbins - put up at the rail house and on Monday morning (13th) to stage for Monroe about 5 miles south, decidedly the finest I ever saw. Saw Maj. Biddle's establishment. Post Office at Tuaga (or true Aque) next at Gebralter, then at Brest, There are as many as 12 to 15 houses unfinished and abandoned. Some large & espensive. Got to Monroe about 1 P.M. got a ride with Mr. Hoag to Uncle Sams, got there about 5 P.M. Found them well & glad to see me.

14 Tuesday & 15 Wednesday
Went to Monroe & to Bay settlement about 6 miles S.E. of Uncles. Very level good land & much fine timber.

16 Thursday
Went to Bedford to see Uncle Sams lot as pretty an 80 as ever was & were it here would be worth any money. The timber is principally oak & hickory openings some part pretty heavily timbered & some but little. There is a sawmill within a mile of it on muddy creek. Below the surface in many places there is great quantities of lime stone. After got home from Bedford went again to Monroe.

Friday & Saturday, 17 & 18
Helped Sam thresh with machine.

19 Sabbath
Sam & I went to the beach of the lake. A fine morning about 3 miles to the lake & the ground so dry that we rode down to the beach. I got a quantity of shells. In the afternoon went to the town of Ida to see Elizabeth McDolald who has married a Mr Braynard. Braynards farm a part of it lies in prairie & part in the openings. He had 5 acres of broom corn which he thought would yield 600 brooms to the acre.

20 Monday
Started for Tecumseth on an indian pony. Stopped at Lewis Purses on the Macom river. Found it a fine farming country the most of the way especially in the vicinity of the great prairie for in many places the oak timber hangs over the prairie & the line of destinction as plainly marked out as land & water but in general where the heavy timber lies near the prairie it is elm, basswood & such low land or swamp timber. The road from Dundee to Ridgeway 10 miles is a strait course 14 N. of West & so level that one can see the whole way. On the Macom is the heaviest timber I saw. Got to Tecumseh at dark, found John Boyd in good health & spirits.

21 Tuesday
Viewed Tecumseh & the Globe Mill cost $12000.00. Came back and staid at Purses on the Macom next day.

22 Wednesday
Came back to Uncle Sams.

23 Thursday
Started for home. Got on board the Gen. W. H. Harrison at the pier at Monroe at 7 P.M. touched at Sandusky & Huron, got to Cleveland past 8 o'clock Friday Morning. Staid an hour saw Julia Cobbs, touched at Fairport - Ashtabula - Erie (in the night) at Dunkirk at 6 A.M.

25 Saturday
Rainy & a heavy head wind, landed at Buffalo at past 10 A.M. Fare down the lake $7.00 Left Buffalo at 5 P.M. in stage for Batavia fare $2.00 Left Batavia Sunday morning for Avon fare $1.75 Paid fare to Bath $3.00 dinner at Geneseo 3/ - got to Bath at past 12 o'clock to stage at 2 o'clock & got home

27 Monday
—at past 3 o'clock A.M. crawled in at the window & went to bed. Found D. Hinsdale & wife & Mrs. J. O. Bennet & Enos Hopkins here. Sam's wife very sick not expected to live. Went with Julia & Mrs. Bennet to H.P. & in afternoon went to Reading after Matilda.

28 Tuesday
Came home from Reading, Myra quite unwell. Lydia better & J. Pulling here & gave invitation to Nans wedding.

29 Wednesday
Threshed & spread the flax & in the evening went to Doctor Pullings to wedding. The bride & groom appeared very well & particularly the bride was dressed with much taste & splendor. The whole company were treated with the greatest attention & enjoyed the evening very much. The table was set in order "cost not spared" & really done much honor to the taste of the cook as well as the consumer. Two years this evening I was married.

30 Thursday
Hoed out the ciderhouse. Father went to Wheeler to Esq. Powers lawsuit - not home.

October 1841

1 Friday
Self quite sick last night with Coleramorbus, about house most all day. Will & Cornelius began to pick winter apples. Tom finished cutting buckwheat. Father got home about noon & worked on road. Sold 64 fat sheep to Clark & J. Longwell for $1.50 per head - last night first frost.

2 Saturday
Got load of boards from Angels mill & six plank from Malorys for road. Boys picking winter apples. Cornelius took 105 ewes to Wheelers pasture. Found 9 there.

3 Sabbath
Self & wife went to Sam's, Lydia quite sick yet.

4 Monday
Threshed corn & husked corn. Eve went to school meeting.

5 Tuesday
Fixed the cider mill. John Finch began to make Ira Read's cider. Will drew wood. Eve party at M. H. Rose.

6 Wednesday
Drew the timber for the shed at Barrets Will threshed wheat. Mr. & Mrs. Lanning, D. J. Pulling, F. M. Hammond, three of the Smith girls & B. R. Streety & wife here. I did not know they were here until I came off of the hill. Uncle & Aunt Aulls here all night.

7 Thursday
Got out dung under the old barn on the hill. Boys gathered 10 bushels peaches on the Loder place. Doc. J. Horn & Mary A. Brundage here.

8 Friday
Surveyed for Soloman Smith $2.50 and am to fill 2 deeds. Will finished sowing Barrets follow.

9 Saturday
Husked corn

10 Sabbath
At home all day writing

11 Monday
Dug some potatoes. Boys raked buckwheat & brot home load of apples & load of potatoes - rainy tonight.

12 Tuesday
Husked corn in forenoon & in afternoon went to Bath with Aaron Rosenkrans to get my chains measured found it correct. I attended the County Convention - nomination for Assembly - F. Erwin - A.W. Beack & Z. A. Leland, for County Clerk Wm. Hamilton.

13 Wednesday
Ellis & all hands at underpinning the barn at Barrets. Snow today for the first.

14 Thursday
Ellis, Father & self finished wall. Paid Ellis $2.50. Boys digging potatoes. Letter from C. Hoyt.

15 Friday
Rainy day - Deroy Luther & Lewis McClean came here. I filled two deeds in forenoon.

16 Saturday
Picked up apples. Father got load potatoes. Julia went to Wayne. J. Purdy & wife here.

17 Sabbath
At home all day. For a few days the leaves have changed their appearance & the change too shows rapid. I do not know that I ever saw the change so rapid as it has been for the past week. It must have been at this season when Pollock said "even silence has a tongue that ever said "Man! think of God! think of thyself & think of Eternity" for if anything will make a person think of the past or the future it is the fading and falling of the forest leaves.

18 Monday
Husked corn. Greek & Will Barret helped.

19 Tuesday
Husked corn. Wm Barret helped. Aunt Elizabeth came.

20 Wednesday
Finished husking. Will drew wood - rainy.

21 Thursday
Picked up the apples in hill orchard - 50 bushels & drew some corn stalks.

22 Friday
Finished drawing stalks & pumpkins & picked up some apples in lower orchard.

23 Saturday
Went chestnuting. Cold & rainy.

24 Sabbath
Went to church & heard Mr. Whipple. Raw weather.

25 Monday
Underpined woodhouse. Went to H. P. snowy & cold.

26 Tuesday
Dug potatoes. A fine a day as ever was.

27 Wednesday
Threshed buckwheat - Greek, Bill & Hiram Barrett.

28 Thursday
Went to Hornby to Charles Hoyts wedding. Quite a company. Next day went to Corning, for a ride Saturday. Charles & wife, Asam Eddy & wife & self & wife went to Reading.

31 Sabbath
Went to meeting & then came home. Weather warm & fine.


November 1841

1 Monday
Went to election to James Brundages but few there & not much doing. Boys drawing stone at Barretts. Mr. Rierson began school today (from Cherry Valley).

2 Tuesday
Drew stone to fill up barn yard at Barretts.

3 Wednesday
Plowed & scraped around the barn at Barretts.

4 Thursday
Plowed & scraped about barn - Snow all day.

5 Friday
Plowed & scraped about barn. Elly Wells & wife here.

6 Saturday
Self & Bill Barrett got out posts to put under the old barn & a sil for shed. Father & boys leveled barn yard.

7 Sabbath
Went over to see Sam'l Baker & found him low.

8 Monday
Rainy, worked about the barn on hill. Tom began to get dung.

9 Tuesday
Bailey, Self & Father began the shed. on hill. Boys at dung.

10 Wednesday
Father, Self & Bill Bailey at shed. Greek & boys at dung.

11 Thursday
Bailey, Father & Self on shed - Greek & boys at dung. Harry Higgins ram got into our flock of ewes - rainy night.

12 Friday
Bailey, Father & self on shed. Boys at dung. Sacked wool in the evening. Squally weather.

13 Saturday
Bailey, Tom, Greek, Old man Barrett, Hiram & Bill & self raised shed. Father & Will sacked wool. Foddered cattle today for first.

14 Sabbath
At home resting all day.

15 Monday
Went up & brot home a flock of ewes & weathers. Ground the apples & laid up the cheese. Took down the last of the wool & weighed it 1903 pounds at 45 cts come to $856.35.

16 Tuesday
Sorted sheep & took up flax, pressed cider - cold.

17 Wednesday
Framed rafters for shed. Thomas drew rails on flat & Will drew load boards & wood to school.

18 Thursday
Worked at shed. Tom drew stone. Will threshed.

19 Friday
Worked at shed. Will drew load of boards. Greek helped day. A heavy snow storm from east.

20 Saturday
Snow six inches deep. Will drew dung, I helped & fixed gate & stable. Went to H.P. Thaw all day.

21 Sabbath
Went with Rierson to Mr. Bostwicks meeting. Snow going off & in the evening rainy.

22 Monday
Father & me worked on shed. Boys at dung.

23 Tuesday
Greek, Bill Barrett & Perry Stratton helped me shingle shed. Will got load boards & Tom drew wood.

24 Wednesday
Surveyed for Kniffin & Perkins. Boys plowed potatoe patch.

25 Thursday
Went in morning to H'port for nails & then went up & finished off the top & outside of the shed. Began to snow about noon & snowed some three inches. Father worked road. Boys plowing potatoe patch.

26 Friday
Turned out the buck. Rather unwell, went to H'port took down harness & stove plate.

27 Saturday
Cleaned up & brot down the rest of the buckwheat. 60 bushels in all. Prepare to kill hogs.

28 Sabbath
Took a portion of Jallop, cause bad cold & a little unwell. Fever symptoms.

29 Monday
Killed 10 hogs. Bill Barrett helped.

30 Tuesday
Went up and fixed up around the barn. Th 32.

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