The Crooked Lake Review

Summer 2003

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About the Summer 2003 Issue

Note from the Editors

The continuation of Kirk House’s “Hammondsport Odyssey: 1901” in this issue records the months of April, May and June. Kirk writes and lectures on Glenn Curtiss, his family and on local history topics.

Events in New York State and New York City for the year 1823 appear in the selection of David Minor's Timeline in this issue. Visit David’s website,, for more of his WXXI scripts and for links to fascinating URLs.

Happenings in Naples during the spring months of 100 years ago and 50 years ago are reprinted from Beth Flory’s “Glancing Backwards” column in the Naples Record. This issue also features Beth’s account of the life of Naples’s most famous citizen, William Marks.

This issue has four old newspaper and book items found by Richard Palmer: an account of stagecoach travel in New York followed by a memorial to the stagecoach, rules for making fine butter, and a description of Alonzo Keeney's dairy farm. This issue also features the first part of Richard’s saga of “Augustus Hinckley: Great Lakes Mariner.”

John Martin describes the history of racial tensions in Corning, and relates the attempts to establish better relations. Jack Martin was director of the Corning Community College Library and later director of the Rakow Library of the Corning Glass Museum. His article “Resuscitating a Waterlogged Library” appeared in issues #64 and #65.

We also feature selections from Miss Lucile Adams's scrapbook of 90 years ago when she was a student at the State Normal School in Geneseo. The selections were contributed by her cousin, Helena Howard.

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