The Crooked Lake Review

Fall 2002

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About the Fall 2002 Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue features the address James Folts gave to the Steuben County Historical Society at the Dedication of the Steuben County History Center Bath, New York, September 29, 2001, Personal Explorations in the History and Archives of Steuben County. James Folts is Head of Reference Services at the New York State Archives in Albany. His article about the stage lines of the Southern Tier was in issue #26 and his "The Story of Joe Rosenkrans: Steuben County's Most Famous Crook" appeared in issues #58 through #61.

David Minor's Eagles Byte Timeline is in every issue of the CLR. This issue features the timeline for the year 1820. David maintains a page of meeting announcements, exhibit notices, museum/gallery links in and about New York at David can be heard on WXXI (91.5) Saturdays mornings at 10:12.

Roland Bentley contributes another article about his grade school teacher Lizzie Stewart, Preparing for the County Fair. Roland's stories about his teacher: BEEDLE-EE-UM-BUM-BUM, Goulash, and Image in The Snow were in issues #121 and #122. Roland is retired from the School of Music, Ithaca College, where he was a music and voice professor.

Richard Palmer contributes Remembering the 19th-Century Great Lakes Sailor. Richard is a newspaper editor and a frequent contributor of articles, stories, and news items from early newspapers of upstate New York. His series, "Commercial Sailing on the Finger Lakes" appeared in issues #62 through #65; his "Canandaigua Lake Steamboats" was in #90 and $91.

Donovan Shilling contributes accounts of two visits made the New Society of the Genesee— one to the mills at the High Falls Center and one to the Granger Homestead and other museums in Canandaigua. Don wrote of the New York Central's famous engine "999" in issue #62 and of the Rochester illuminating lamp in issue #69. Don is Chronicler for the New Society of the Genesee and often finds stories about the original Society of the Genesee. He has just found a Rochester news story about a competition to design an emblem for that society. Donovan Shilling has written three books in the "Images of America" series: Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks, Rochester's Downtown, and now Rochester: Labor and Leisure.

Barbara S. Ramsdell contributes A History of John W. Jones, Part I. Barbara is secretary of the John W. Jones Museum Board. The Board is working to restore the Jones's house as a museum about the Underground Railroad in the Southern Tier. The museum will feature Jones' work as a stationmaster on the UGRR and his connections with the abolitionists in Chemung County and with the First Baptist Church in Elmira. Mrs. Ramsdell traveled to Virginia to collect material for her presentations about Jones to the Chemung County Historical Society and the Southern Tier Genealogical Society, and for the articles published here.

The Winter 2003 issue of the CLR will bring another installment of Barbara Ramsdell's Story of John W. Jones, Stephen Lewandowski's review of Iroquois histories, Paul Worboy's Origins of Basketball in Honeoye Falls and more stories from Richard Palmer, David Minor and others.

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