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Donovan A. Shilling

Donovan Shilling has written many articles for The Crooked Lake Review. He is the author of a number books about Rochester in the "Images of America" series: Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks, Rochester's Downtown, Rochester Labor and Leisure, and most recently, Rochester Transportation.

Don is the chronicler for the New Society of the Genesee. He wrote about the fabulous gatherings of the earlier Society of the Genesee and suggested to the contributors to The Crooked Lake Review who were getting together occasionally for conversation that they should become the New Society of the Genesee. He has written descriptions of the NSG visits to many museums and other historic locations.

Don further suggested that our group should visit historical societies, museums, and sites of interest. He and his wife Yolanda go in advance of every meeting to make arrangements for our visit including choosing a suitable place for everyone to gather for a luncheon. At the meeting he takes notes for the reports printed in the CLR.

Don regularly portrays DeWitt Clinton. He also creates fascinating miniature scenes of the Rochester area.

Don and Yolanda live in Penfield.

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