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John G. Sheret

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I was born in Fulton, NY December 4 1927. A depression caused job change in 1932 forced my father to move the family to Ogdensburg, NY where I spent my "growing up" years looking across the St. Lawrence River into Canada.

In 1945 I completed my freshman year at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. I then spent the better part of 1946 & 1947 on the Italian-Yugoslavian border as a sergeant in the 88th Infantry Division, after which I returned to Williams, graduating in June 1950.

I devoted the next thirty two years of my life to various staff and management positions at the Eastman Kodak Company, retiring in 1983.

In 1965 my wife and I purchased a circa 1820 farmhouse with acres in the Town of Mendon, Monroe County. From the very beginning I was interested in the history of the house and the people who had lived in it over the years as well as in the neighboring community of Mendon Center. However, it wasn't until my retirement that I had had sufficient time to devote to research in this area and to interview my older neighbors who lived here. I now regret that I was not able to start sooner in this endeavor when many more of the older residents were still alive.

In the summer of 1991 I supervised the move and restoration of a one-room country schoolhouse. The building now stands in Harry Allen Park in Honeoye Falls. It is authentically restored and furnished in its original condition and is used extensively by many local school groups each year.

I am associated with the Honeoye Falls/Mendon Historical Society and supervise the exhibits in the Society's Museum and in the Mendon Town Hall as well as holding the position of archivist for the Museum.

Some years ago I decided that it was important for me to place in written form the infomation that I had collected about my neighborhood and I started submitting articles to local newspapers for publication. More recently I have been pleased that the Crooked Lake Review has displayed an interest in publishing some of my articles.

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