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John Rezelman

John Rezelman was for many years manager of the Bath Farm Credit office and is familiar with nearly every farm in Steuben County and with many of the families who have farmed here.

John is also a thorough gardener himself who not only plants his own garden every year and harvests it, but has a lawn full of dwarf and espalliered fruit trees. In the good-old-days when it was allowable he had chickens, sheep, a steer, and even a horse for his children on their large lot on Haverling street in the heart of Bath. John likes hand tools and has made wooden garden tools and handyman devices for gardening at his home.

John has always been an outdoorsman, a hiker and cross-country skier. He laid out and built the Finger Lakes Trail from Bath to Mitchellsville between 1969 and 1972. John Rezelman has been active for a long time in the Bath Area Writer's Group and was one of the earliest members of the Red Jacket Writer's Club that meets monthly in Penn Yan.

John Rezelman has written many stories for the Crooked Lake Review. He writes regularly for country-living magazines.

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