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Richard F. Palmer

Richard Palmer was editor of New York Canal Times. He is the author of several books including Brigham Young The New York Years, Old Line Mail Stagecoach Days in Upstate New York, Ithaca-Auburn Shortline, Rails in the North Woods, Butter & Cheese Express, Gone But Not Forgotten and Shortline Railroads of Central New York. He is also a senior editor and contributing editor to Inland Seas, quarterly publication of the Great Lakes Historical Society of Vermilion, Ohio. Richard is historian of the Central New York Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. He is a native of Canandaigua and resides in Syracuse.

Dick is a frequent contributor of articles, stories, and news items from early newspapers of upstate New York. His first article for the Crooked Lake Review, Canandaigua: A Stagecoach Town, appeared in the September 1992 issue. Since then Dick has contributed more than 95 articles about regional history and early transportation on lakes, rivers, canals and railroads in New York to the Crooked Lake Review.

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