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Robert G. Koch

Robert Koch lives in Pittsford. He was professor and chair of Language and Literature at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 1950 to 1970 and was Dean of the University College at the U. of Rochester from 1970 to 1982.

Since 1976 Bob Koch has broadcast cultural interviews every Tuesday and Thursday and, since 1987, history pieces on Saturdays from WXXI-FM in Rochester. He has contributed fifty articles on the history of our region to the Crooked Lake Review, beginning with An Iroquois New Year's Celebration in our February 1991 issue.

Index of Articles by Robert Koch

An Iroquois New Year's Celebration Going Places Ever Faster
Wampum and Bones Horse Cars and Trolleys
Indian Land Claims Interurban Electric Trolley Cars
Remembering Iroquois Soldiers George B. Selden's Road Engine
The Canandaigua Treaty of 1794, Part I Automobiles in Rochester
The Canandaigua Treaty of 1794, Part II Pioneering Women Doctors
Red Jacket, Seneca Orator Little Nellie Williams, Entrepreneur
George P. Decker and Chief Deskaheh Subreporter Clune Rises to the Challenge
Henry A. Ward, Part I The Genesee by Henry W. Clune
Henry A. Ward, Part II, Part III Henry W. Clune 1890-1995
A Salute to J. Sheldon and Lillian Fisher Reminiscences of a 1915 Centenarian
Potash in Early Western New York Baseball Stories from Right Around Here
Salt in Western New York: Onondaga The Curveball Enters Rochester Baseball
Salt in Western New York: Retsof For a Real Rochester Thanksgiving Day
Apples in Western New York Christmas in 19th Century Rochester
Cows and Milk in Rochester Horace McGuire and Black Artillery
Tobacco: Rochester Connections Popular Entertainment in Early Rochester
Millers and Milling in Rochester 1894: A Vintage Year for Rochester
Notes from Springwater 1895 in Rochester and the World
Orsamus Turner, Please Rural Press on Education and Learning
Henry O'Reilly and Orsamus Turner Rural District Schools
Reminiscences of the Family of O. Turner Noah Webster's Blue-Back Speller
Reminiscences of Stephen Durfee By Their Books, Ye Shall Know Them
Reminiscences of Silas Hopkins and John Gould Rochester Publications 1834-1860
Reminiscences of John Mountpleasant Our Jobs as History
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