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Bill Kauffman

Bill Kauffman is the author of five books, most recently Dispaches from the Muckdog Gazette (Henry Holt, 2003), which Gore Vidal has called "a small masterpiece" and which won the 2003 national "Sense of Place" award from Writers & Books. His other books include a novel, a travel book about rural New York, and two books about American dissenters. He contributes frequently to the Wall Street Journal and has written for many publications, including the Independent of London, The Spectator (London), the Los Angeles Times Book Review, The Utne Reader, and The American Scholar.

Kauffman, a graduate of Batavia High School and the University of Rochester, has worked as a Legislative Assistant to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and as a magazine and book editor. He lives in the beautiful upstate New York village of Elba with his wife, Lucine, and their daughter, Gretel.

In his 1995 book, America First; Its History, Culture and Politics, Kauffman wrote of authors: Hamlin Garland, Sinclair Lewis, William Saroyan, Jack Kerouac, Gore Vidal, Edward Abbey, and John McClaughry; and of national figures: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Amos Pinchot, and William Fulbright, all of whom championed American ideals.

His 1994 book Country Towns of New York is soon to reappear in a new edition.

A number of essays by Bill Kauffman have appeared in The Crooked Lake Review: Back to Batavia in the May and June 1991 issues, reprinted from The American Scholar; New York vs. New York in October 1991 issue and Henry and Louise in the Lair de Clune in February 1992, both reprinted with permission from Chronicles; then Warren Hunting Smith, The Quintessential Genevan in the February 1993 issue; Walter Edmonds, Our Stalwart from New York History in the April 1993 issue, and Ed Harris, Thanks for the Memoirs, in the July 1996 issue.

Bill and Lucine Kauffman are founding members with Ed Harris, Bob Koch, and Bill and Martha Treichler of the group that has become the New Society of the Genesee.

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