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James D. Folts, Jr.

James Folts is Head of Reference Services at the New York State Archives in Albany. His article about the stage lines of the Southern Tier appeared in our May 1990 issue and his Story of Joe Rosenkrans: Steuben County's Most Famous Crook appeared in January through April 1993 issues. The fall 2002 issue featured the address James Folts gave to the Steuben County Historical Society at the Dedication of the Steuben County History Center Bath, New York, September 29, 2001, Personal Explorations in the History and Archives of Steuben County.

Most recently, his essay, The 'Alien Proprietorship': The Pulteney Estate During the Nineteenth Century examining the business practices of the Pulteney Land Office and the resentments of some of the settlers, appeared in the fall 2003 issue.

James Folts is the author of Cohocton, New York, 1794 - 1994. He has been recording Cohocton history since high school when he wrote his senior paper, "History of Cohocton," in 1965. He received a doctorate in history from the University of Rochester. Currently James Folts is the Cohocton Village Historian.

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