December 1995

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Robert Koch tells what the year 1895 brought to Rochester and the World: the first motion pictures, the first U. S. automobile race, the first wireless message. Also there was a new Republican Congress facing Democrat Grover Cleveland.

We present the eulogies to Henry Clune by Bill Kauffman and Robert Koch that were read at the memorial services on October 12, 1995. Henry Clune lived from 1890 to 1995. Bill's piece on Henry Clune at 101 and Bob Koch's Subreporter Clune Rises to the Challenge appeared in our February 1992 issue. Robert Koch was Dean of Liberal and Applied Studies from 1970 until 1982 at the University of Rochester. Bill Kauffman is author of three books: Every Man A King, Country Towns in New York, and the recently published America First! He lives in Genesee County.

Robert McNamara honors Miss Elizabeth Relihan who taught school in Corning, New York, from 1891 to 1941. Miss Relihan devoted her life to her brother's two motherless sons and to their friends, and to the students who attended Corning Free Academy. Rev. McNamara extends his tribute to his other fine teachers. Robert McNamara's story about his father, Old-Style Family Physician, Corning's 'Doc Mac' was in our January through April, 1991 issues.

John Rezelman comments on the December 1888 activities of diarist T. N. Smith. Only the first 19 pages, 19 days, of the diary remain, but John browses through four other December diaries of Smith and deduces what the Christmas season likely was on the Kanona farm in 1888. This installment concludes the farming year of then bachelor Thomas N. Smith. He did later marry; the diary is a possession of his grandson Stanley Fox who farms near Avoca.

Another chapter from Barbara Bell's book Letters to Suzanna. The fictional letters describe the life of early settlers in the Town of Reading. Barbara Bell is Historian for the Town of Reading and the County of Schuyler.

An article legends about the month of December was discovered by Herbert A. Wisbey, Jr. in the December 1, 1895, Elmira Sunday Telegram. Herbert Wisbey is a student of folklore and has written here about local legends of Guyanoga, and the face some people see on a tombstone in a Penn Yan cemetery.

Next Issue

The January issue will feature genealogy articles, and an account by Jeanne Bleiler about members of the Lawrence family who resided close to Cayuta Lake. The house of Samuel Lawrence was remodeled and enlarged to become Fontainbleau Inn.

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