October 1995

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Helena Howard begins this issue with an article about the different ways rural people provided for themselves during the depression years. She describes how their resourcefulness carried over to the period of war-time shortages, and, in particular, how she with her family and their neighbors fashioned serviceable rugs from surplus strips of fabric. Mrs. Howard lives in the town of Reading and was one of the founders of the Jo-Ho's genealogy group.

Curtis Harris tells the life of George Satterly who became a circus man and adopted the name, Signor Sautelle. The late Curtis Harris lived in Homer, New York, where Sig Sautelle also resided at times after 1900. Richard Palmer of Tully, New York, sent us the article. Mr. Palmer's account of Brigham Young's Presence in the Finger Lakes appeared in our May and June issues.

John Rezelman reports on the day-to-day affairs noted in the diary of T. N. Smith for October 1888. John Rezelman lives in Bath and has written about the apples of Steuben County in the September 1988 issue, about grape pruning in the January 1989 issue, and about raising dry beans in the June 1989 issue along with many other farm and gardening topics in subsequent issues.

This issue contains another installment from Letters to Suzanna. Barbara Bell tells us through her fictitious letter writer, Susahannah, how settlers saved food for winter use in root cellars and preserved food during the summer in cool springs or with ice they had stored. Barbara Bell is Historian for Schuyler County, and Reading Town.

Richard Palmer presents the second and third installments of an account of Canandaigua Lake steamboats. These articles appeared in the August 16, and August 23, 1922, issues of the Ontario County Times. They were written by James S. Lee of Boston. Richard Palmer contributed both the newspaper stories, and the postcard pictures of several of the boats.

Next Issue

The November issue will have election stories by Robert Anderson, an account by David Robinson of the renegade stronghold that became known as Canisteo Castle, and also a review by Herbert Wisbey of the life of painter and lithographer Bolton Coit Brown who was born in the same house in Dresden, New York, that was the birthplace of Robert Green Ingersoll.

There will be more from T. N. Smith's diary with John Rezelman's comments and another chapter from Barbara Bell's Letters to Suzanna.

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