February 1995

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

February 1827

1 Thursday, February 1827. Green breaking flax. Self & Saml threshed some oats with the horses. I went to Pegtown afternoon to warn school meeting. Hannah went with me, bot a dress of Hastings. I got a barrel salt of Smith.

2 Friday. Candlemas day. Southard and Saml threshing oats. I made a lop hatchet & shingling knife. Green got out one head of flax. I took one load of wood to the school house & went with Ben Scott to Mr. Faulkners. At night two fellows came along and cut a hickory handle. I followed them.

3 Saturday. Moderate weather. Green in Addison to [get] his axe head yesterday. Dressed flax enough to make ten pounds. I went to Bath, got my harness fixed at Lyons. New collars and hames & some mending—paid for the whole amount $7.

4 Sunday. Self & Hannah went to Ontario Co. to Brother Aarons.

5 Monday. Rain and snow frequent changes. Visited at Wm Youngloves.

6 Tuesday. Came home by Penn Yan. Got home little after dark.

7 Wednesday. I went to court, Saml with me. At night went to Smiths. Got from him $20.

8 Thursday. Started with Jos Weeks for Geneva after tools. Went by Wm Youngloves. Bot tub bellows, price $8 then on to Geneva. Bot Anvil, vise and three hammers $16.79. Put up at Bruces tavern in the village.

9 Friday. Came home across Bluff Point & thro Pulteney. Snow afternoon. Left Jos tools at Bramsville grocery. Got home in the forepart of the evening. Found John Weeks and Charles Townsend had been sawing stove wood.

10 Saturday. About house all day looking about and preparing the annual report for the school meeting at night & after school meeting to Wm Bakers.

11 Sunday. Cold day. We all went to the school house forenoon to hear Mr. Savage and afternoon to Pegtown.

12 Monday. Went to Hastings store in the morning with T. Aulls. Cleaned some oats in the afternoon. Settled with Silas Payne. Paid him for his half month work $3.14 1/2.

13 Tuesday. Went to Bramsville. Broke the road to the stack, brot home a load of oats. Selsbee helped me load.

14 Wednesday. Got down two load of oats. Weeks, John helped me load. He was chopping fallow for Jos brother. Aaron came at night.

15 Thursday. Rain most of the day. I went with Brother Aaron to Bath.

16 Friday. Brother Aaron started for home. I got two loads oats, all there was. John Bailey came at night & paid him & George Kings note $30.

17 Saturday. I went to Wheelers, got 684 ft. boards.

19 Monday. Self and John Daniels brot each two loads of wheat.

20 Tkuesday. Started early, self & Daniels got each a load of wheat in the morning. I saw Williams & Walters at my barn in the afternoon. Had John's horses. Self & Aaron got each another load. Aaron having got home by morning stage.

21 Wednesday. I went to Bramsville. Got the last of the wheat stack. Mr. Withy helped me load. Aaron at home threshing with the horses for milling. I went to Pegtown at night, got a large box of Hastings.

23 Friday. Self & Aaron went to Bramsville, got some corn in the sleigh. I went in the afternoon to see Mr. Lamb's school.

24 Saturday. Rain smartly about all day. Aaron went to Bramsville. Got a load corn. Self home. Esq. Powers came & kept rainy day. I went to Pegtown with him at night. Got newspaper & talked Morgan with Doc Pulling.

25 Sunday. Home all day. Mr. Brundage & Jas Baker here.

26 Monday. Boys threshing oats. I went to Bath. Otis Read discharged from the limits where he had been placed by the overseers of the poor.

27 Tuesday. I attended the meeting [of] officers to settle town business. Aaron & Sam threshing oats. Phillips sawing stove wood with son Judson.

28 Wednesday. Aaron went to Reading after Henry Hoyt. Self and Saml cleaning oats.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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