January 1995

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

January 1827

1 Monday, January, 1827. Saml home drawing stove wood & splitting. I went to Esq Bennets barn, brot home the fanning mill, lost the handle, went back, found it at Slaters. Self & John Stevenson went to Pegtown. I paid my tax to Rogers $10.58.

2 Tuesday. Joe Weeks came & went with me to Bath. Self & Hannah went up to Barnards, got Julianns hat, called on Amelia Burns. Paid her in full for teaching school. The roughest day I was ever out in.

3 Wednesday. Joe Weeks came in the morning. I gave him an order on Hastings to get a bed ticking. Saml went to Tyrone. I to Nickerville to jury on case of John Mathews.

4 Thursday. Boys at school. I drove the cattle to Bramsville, brought home the horses.

5 Friday. The first good day since winter fairly began. I threshed some oats, brot in some apples etc..

6 Saturday Fine weather. I killed the beefe. Mr. Faulkner, wife and John here visiting.

8 Monday. Moderate weather, went to Bath horseback, left my contract at the office for Judge to correct my deed for the South part of Bramsville. Mr. Brundage came home with me at night.

9 Tuesday. Got a load of oats for John Daniels from Powers. Smart snow in morning tho soft.

10 Wednesday. Got another load of oats for Daniels. Brot home grist from Bakers. Hammond, wife & Mrs. Puling here visiting at night.

11 Thursday. Self & Daniels went to Bramsville, brot home each a load wheat. I went Bath with Mr. Conkrite, did not complete the arrangement about money.

12 Friday. Self and Daniels each brot home two loads wheat. Snow sometimes hard.

13 Saturday. Flying snow in the morning. I went up, got John Daniels, went to Bramsville. Brot home load wheat each. I went at evening to old Mr. Drews. He paid me a hundred dollars, came back to Pegtown. Smith paid me twenty five dollars. Mr. Lamb with me.

14 Sunday. Mr. Savage preaching at school house & Pegtown. I home all day.

15 Monday. Self, Hannah and John Daniels started for plaster, got our loads & stayed over night at C. Haits.

16 Tuesday. Started about ten o'clock and came home. Very cold.

17 Wednesday. Cold morning. Went to Bath afternoon with Mr. Conkrite, let him have $300.

18 Thursday. Still cold. Went to Pegtown to arbitration Andw. Brink & Aaron Rosenkrantz.

19 Friday. Cold, went to Pegtown with Hannah. Bot 31/4 yds drapes at 5/6 of Smith, comb at Hastings etc.

20 Saturday. Fixing the door to shut. Esq. Powers & wife here.

21 Sunday. About home, started to go to Bramsville, met Wm Baker, sent Sam to Bramsville. I came back. William Baker & I went to see Rogers about the school rent.

22 Monday. No school. Self & Boys cleaned some wheat and took 14 bushel & 6 lbs. to Hastings.

23 Tuesday. Threshed one flooring wheat. Fixed some bars by the barn. Went to Bath with John Daniels, took load wood. Joe Weeks got five bushel buckwheat to take to mill & two bushel gritty on act. of chopping wood in the fall.

25 Thursday. Threshing wheat. George Moore and wife came in afternoon. Priest Fuliton came in the night.

26 Friday. Threshing wheat. Small days work.

27 Saturday. Threshed one flooring. Kept Saml home from school. Cleaned up. Aaron came in the afternoon. I went to Pegtown about noon. Got my molasses.

28 Sunday. I went Bramsville towards night.

29 Monday. In the forepart of the day took load of wheat to Pegtown, let Hastings have it. 25 bushels and some lbs. Evening went to Bath. John Powers & Timothy went with me. I bot a square bottle and some nails.

30 Tuesday. Went to Wheelers mill, got 600 ft. boards.

31 Wednesday Some snow & and then rain then snow now blow rain. I went to Bramsville, got my beans from Esq Bennet. Brot home all the cattle to put them on straw.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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