July 1994

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

November 1826

10 Monday, July 1826. Fixed for haying. Aaron got down some wood. Mowed a little to begin.

11 Tuesday, Joseph Weeks began his month mowing. I at wagon rigging.

12 Wednesday, John Weeks began his month—price $12. Not very good weather for haying.

13 Thursday, Come on rain in the morning. Ground scythe. Began to make road below ditch. Took off hay men.

14 Friday, Clear good weather. Tribe at the hay. Hired Amos Gregory. We got in 7 load.

15 Saturday, Good weather yet, we got in 9 load of hay, put in both bays with salt. At Pegtown, I went down payd Jos Weeks at Hastings 7 shillings & John Weeks I paid leather.

16 Sunday, Dry weather. I went to Bramsville. John Daniels with me. Powers came towards night. I went to Jas Brundages with Powers and Daniels.

17 Monday, Two Weeks, Aaron and Saml mowing. Self at work at a cradle. Saml & self brot the pigs from Baker's mill. Jos Week had 21/2 bushel of wheat & John Weeks had 2 bushel.

18 Tuesday, Haying. Aaron sore face, applying creosote.

19 Wednesday, Aaron went to Bath to see Doc Higgins with his sore face. Two Weeks, Self and Saml drawing hay, got 7 loads—clover meadows.

20 Thursday, Cleaned off all the hay from the meadows next the creek. Aaron's face better.

21 Friday, Rain most of day—hands mowing some. Paid Robt 5 in the morning. Aaron butchered a calf. I at my cradle.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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