June 1994

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

June 1826

1 Thursday, June 1826. Self and boys went to Bramsville to break up the orchard for fallow, found it very dry and hard. Expected to see a jury- twelve free holders to open a road thro my meadow to Wm Bennets. Brot home all the sheep with a view to keep them on the hill above Mr Reads a few days. All hands fencing to keep the - on the fallow. Very warm. Some small showers.

3 Saturday At the fencing on the fallow. I let John Weeks have 3 bushel wheat for himself & 41/2 bushel wheat and $3 cash for his brother Jos. Smart showers in the afternoon & evening. Brother Aaron, wife and son Moses here when we got home at night.

4 Sunday Brother Aaron here. Wm Baker & wife, John Brundage & wife here. Went to meeting at five o'clock. Mr. Bostwick for dinner.

5 Monday Brother Aaron here, look like forcluded not go home. We ploughed the tobacco yard, planted cucumbers & Bro Aaron & self went round the valley. Son Aaron killed a veal.

6 Tuesday Boys went to Bramsville to plough on John Weeks job. Brother Aaron started for home. I went to Bramsville, took some provisions for boys.

7 Wednesday I at home fixing my wool for market. Went to help Tim put away the sheep & cows in the morning. Put some rails on the fence near John Daniel's spring. Went to Pegtown with John Powers. Hastings preparing to start for N.Y.

8 Thursday Went to Bramsville. The boys ploughing, agreed to begin hoe corn. I began to plough.

9 Friday Had John & Joe Weeks hoeing corn.

10 Saturday Daniel Mills here in the morning early, returned the summons for witness. Had John and Joe Weeks hoeing corn. I hoeing in the forenoon. Afternoon went to Bath in company with Wm Brundage. Came home in evening. Let John Weeks have 131/2 wool-6 3/4 I owed him for shearing and knitting.

11 Sunday Mr Brundage & my self went to Squire Bentleys to get him for a witness at court.

12 Monday Circuit Court. I on the Grand Jury, went early. The boys & Joe Weeks finished hoeing the corn. I came home at night. Squire G. H. Wheeler & wife came home with me.

13 Tuesday I started early for court. Aaron and Saml went to Bramsville to plough the orchard. I overnight with Col Whiting.

14 Wednesday Came down to court, little but little doing on the jury. Discharge near night. Came home.

15 Thursday Went to Pegtown to warn the hands to work highway, got home about noon.

16 Friday At John Daniels road, began to work highway. Came on this way.

17 Saturday At the highway, began at Mr Read's creek to lay a road for Wm Bennet.

18 Sunday In the morning some rain like for storm.

19 Monday Court week. I make no record but forget the whole H L Case.

25 Sunday June 1826 Went to see Judge Read, found him very sick. Jas Baker & self went to Jas Brundages, got our dinners &c &c.

26 Monday Smart rain Self and Aaron went Phillips, got some timber for fork handles. I went to Pegtown with John Powers

27 Tuesday Washing wool. Hoeing garden & &c. John Stevenson brot his mother to Mr. Faulkners. Self and Hannah went to see her, brot her home.

28 Wednesday Fine weather.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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