June 1994

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Summer is the time of the year for "Canal Days" festivals in the towns along the waterways of New York. Our issue this month features two articles about the famous Erie Canal.

Richard Palmer tells the story of Clinton's Ditch and some of the earliest barge trips made on the middle section of the canal. Mr. Palmer writes frequently about water, rail, and stagecoach transportation. His article, Commercial Sailing on the Finger Lakes, appeared in issues May through August 1993. He lives in Tully, New York.

Donovan Shilling recounts the history of the great aqueducts built to carry the early canal over the Genesee River at Rochester, and the personalities who attempted, and who carried through the projects. Don Shilling wrote about Rochester Lamps in our December 1993 issue and John C. Lighthouse, the horse collar king in our March 1994 issue. Mr. Shilling lives in Penfield.

We present Thomas D. Cornell's essay Tying Seneca Stories to the Land, the fourth in his Iroquois Stories series. His stories and reflections about the Hammondsport Glen appeared in the 1993 issues from May through September. Mr. Cornell lives in Rochester.

Cornelius Younglove's great-great-great grandson, Leonard P. Wood, presents the June 1826 journal from Cornelius Younglove's diary. Mr. Wood lives in Pleasant Valley close by the original homestead. He has saved many of the Younglove family diaries.

We conclude Chapter 15 from The Misses Elliot of Geneva written by Warren H. Smith begins. His article, Matriarchies Amid the Finger Lakes, appeared in our August 1991 issue. Mr. Smith lives in Geneva.

Robert V. Anderson contributes the second and concluding part of his remembrances of cottage life along Keuka Lake in the early years of this century. Robert Anderson lives in New Hartford, New York.

Next Issue

Paul S. Worboy's account of the traveling circuses that visited Honeoye Falls, New York, for over a century will be featured in the July issue. There will be a article from the 1906 Hammondsport Herald attributing the Declaration of Independence to Thomas Paine. And there will be another essay by Thomas Cornell, another chapter from Warren H. Smith's The Misses Elliot of Geneva, and the July 1826 entries from Cornelius Younglove's diary.

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