May 1994

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

May 1826

1 Monday, May 1826 Warm, I went to Judge Reads to set some scion, forenoon. Afternoon set some at home. Boys ploughing garden &c.

2 Tuesday Self and Nathan Taylor at the Bramsville grocery, shingling & boarding. I got 237 boards, Wm Drew on the land act.

3 Wednesday Went to Bramsville, got some hay, fixed bunch of shingle. The boys ploughing.

4 Thursday I at work at a yoke for the bulls. Aaron picking on meadows. Boys ploughing for oats.

5 Friday Self and Aaron went to Bramsville to the grocery. Brot home some hay.

6 Saturday Self and Aaron ploughing with two yoke oxen. Saml and Timothy with one yoke & old horse. Let Oles have 20 Ib. wheat flour.

7 Sunday Went to Aaron Youngloves, Gorham, to get Azibah to come and teach our school-failed.

8 Monday Came home. Aaron had sowed the oats.

9 Tuesday Benj Jayne came after the bulls, looked for them all the forenoon. Aaron cleaned flax seed. I sowed. Sowing grass seed on the oats in afternoon. Thot Jayne found the bull.

10 Wednesday Wm Baker came to alter the lambs. Yoked the bulls for Jayne & started them off. Went to Pegtown with Wm Baker to see Rogers. Aaron finished harrowing the oats.

11 Thursday Sowing plaster on wheat & meadow. Boys ploughing corn ground.

12 Friday I went to Pegtown with John Stevenson in the morning. Boys finished ploughing. Self and Saml began to sow plaster on the pasture by John Daniels. Aaron began to furrow.

13 Saturday Self at Thos Bennet's ox yoke. Henry Wells came with Hammond & Ammafor settlement, we failed. Aaron furrowing.

14 Sunday Wm Orcutt here. I went to Bramsville. Wm Baker & John Brundage with me. Looked at John Daniels Merino bucks.

15 Monday Planting corn. Joe & John Weeks helping.

16 Tuesday Finished planting corn, washed John Daniels sheep. Planted potatoes in garden and among the corn. Had Joe Weeks helping all day.

17 Wednesday Washed the sheep. Joe Weeks fixed some logs in the meadow in the morning & main business of washing sheep. Afternoon fixing for Bramsville.

18 Thursday Dry weather. Self & boys went to Bramsville, began to plough the bean ground. I fixed the grocery, hung the door.

19 Friday Took up the ewes and lambs. Boys ploughing. I went to look for hands to work in the meadow.

20 Saturday At working in the meadow, had old Mr. Wixon, Jonathan Osburn, John and Joseph Weeks, on act. ofL. Bennets ox yoke. Commissioners of Wheeler came to lay a road for Wm Bennet.

21 Sunday I went to Bath to employ Howell & Edwards for my defense against Sam Townsend. Wm Baker and John Powers with me.

22 Monday An examination never to be forgotten while myself or one member of my family lives, took place at my grocery Bramsville.

23 Tuesday Went to Bramsville, Saml to ploughing. Self and Aaron & John Wise drew rails. Put up fence line where John Wise burnt by Saml Townsends wheat. Afternoon Self and Aaron put some rails round the meadow east of the road. I then to look for sheep shearers, was at young Saml Drews. Aaron went home.

24 Wednesday Aaron, Joseph and John Weeks and Charles Townsend shearing sheep. Charles wages bushel wheat for day-agreement.

25 Thursday Yet shearing sheep. I went to Pegtown with Wm Brundage, found the wool sale failed. Got done shearing.

26 Friday Self and Aaron went to Bramsville, found Sam most done ploughing. I came home, helped Joe Weeks load his potatoes & fix for planting beans. Joe got 2 3/4 potatoes and & three bushel wheat.

27 Saturday Planted beans, had Joe and John Weeks. A little before night I went to Esq. Bennets barn, brot wheat that Joe Weeks thrashed on Wednesday. 61/2 bushel. Let Joe Weeks have some for Isaac Bennet. Left the remaining wheat at the grocery—1 1/2 bushel.

28 Sunday Went to meeting in our school house. Wm Cumings, preacher. He said he thought for the last time among us. Came home found Salvenus Arnold here.

29 Monday Went to Bath. Sold my wool to Higgins. Settled B. F. Smead. Wm L. Clark and self went to Mr. Howels office to settle his mortgage.

30 Tuesday Went to Bramsville to sow oats. Aaron took the oats on his mare. I went to Pegtowm, got a bushel of oats from Hastings. Took it to Bramsville, had a talk with James Longwell by his plough as I was going up. Came there, Aaron had sowed all the oats he had. I came up, finished sowing the oats.

31 Wednesday Aaron & Saml grubbing the apple trees. I went to Bath, was summoned on the Grand Jury Circuit Court 2nd Monday, June.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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