April 1994

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Our issue this month begin with an introduction to the diaries of Cornelius Younglove and his sons who lived in Pleasant Valley at the south end of Keuka Lake. The first diary entries by Cornelius in April 1826 follow. Each month for the remainder of this year, his journal for the corresponding month of 1826 will appear. In future issues, we will publish excerpts from his son's diaries. Cornelius Younglove's great-great-great-grandson, Leonard P. Wood, who still lives in Pleasant Valley, has furnished the diaries for publication here.

Edwin N. Harris contributes a spring story about his childhood experiences along a creek that ran through his parents' farm on the Pre-emption Road near Seneca Lake and the village of Dundee. Ed Harris has lived for many years in Rochester. This story first appeared in the Dundee Observer.

Thomas Cornell presents the second essay, The Last Arrowhead Hunt, from his series, called Iroquois Stories, about Indian relics and a sense of place. Tom Cornell lives in Rochester and has connections to Campbell, New York, where his grandmother lived. He wrote about his trips with her in our May 1993 issue.

Warren H. Smith contributes Chapter 14 from The Misses Elliot of Geneva, first published in 1940 by Farrar & Rinehart. The book was reprinted in 1940 and again in 1947. Bill Kauffman called Warren Smith the Quintessential Genevan in his essay about him in our February 1993 issue.

This issue concludes with short sketches of the people to be inducted into the 1994 Steuben County Hall of Fame on April 30, 1994.

Next Issue

In our May issue, Keuka Cottage Boy, a reminisence by Robert V. Anderson of his summers growing up on Lake Keuka in the years between the wars, will appear. His family lived in Elmira but spent their summers in a cottage at Corning Landing, and even came to the lake during the winters. In 1917 his father built a telephone office in Hammondsport. Robert Anderson remembers going with his father and meeting Miss Bailey, the switchboard operator.

The May 1826 journal entries of Cornelius Younglove will appear along with Thomas Cornell's third essay, A Narrative Problem, and another chapter from Warren H. Smith's The Misses Elliot of Geneva.

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