July 1996

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The Crooked Lake Review

The CLR has been supported by the many enthusiastic, talented, and generous writers who have contributed their articles and stories for publication; by business people who have purchased advertising in the CLR, and by the many readers who have bought subscriptions. Thank you, to each of you for your help and encouragement.
Inez Albee
Eleanor and Robert Anderson
Gary Ayers
Harold L. Ballard
Katharine M. Barnum
Constance Barone
Bath National Bank
C. W. Bauder
Barbara Bell
Bob Bickel
Big M Supermarket
Jeanne Bleiler
Anne Brewer
Richard H. Call
John J. Caprarulo
Barb and Cliff Chapman
Chili Public Library
Keith Clark
Eleanor Clise (deceased)
Betty Cook
Elizabeth Cook
Marie B. Cornell (deceased)
Thomas D. Cornell
Neva Crabtree
Jane and Gordon Davis
Jeanette Denson
George Dickey
James Dierks
Thomas Dimitroff
Richard Dinzler
Frances Dumas
Patti and Jim Duquette
Geraldine Dusenberry
Lillian and Sheldon Fisher
James D. Folts
Edith B. Ford Memorial Library
Grace Mary and Stanley Fox
Nan and Wayne Franklin
Mary Alice, Robert and Bob Ganz
Isabel Geibel
Virginia Gibbs
Mary E. Green
Barbara and Eugene Gregor
Vi Gunderman (deceased)
Tina Hager
Hammondsport Hardware
Edwin N. Harris
Anne Hersh, A.I.A
Alfred G. Hilbert (deceased)
Elizabeth Holahan
Marion and James Hope
Hornell Travel Service
Helena and George Howard
J. Perry Howland
Jud's Stonehouse Nursery
Esther and Joseph Kane
Lucine and Bill Kauffman
Eric Kelley
Brian Ketcham
Margaret Kindig
Ernestine King
Sue and Paul King
William Kinsman
Edward Kinsman
Wilfred Knapp
Knapp and Schlappi Lumber Co.
Mary Lou and Robert Koch
Agnes Kohn
Hannah Lapp
M. Loretta Lapp
Stephen Lewandowski
Margaret and Gerald Lestz
Faith and Philip Little
Meghan Lodge
Marilyn Longacre
Maxine Lorey
Shirley Malloy
Maple City Printing Co.
Verne Marshall
Phyllis and John Martin
Shelagh Maxwell
Robert F. McNamara
Shirley McNulty (deceased)
David Minor
Stuart J. Mitchell
J. Terrence O'Herron
Ellen and Charles Oliver
Richard Palmer
The Park Inn
David L. Pearce, AIA
Margaret Peck
Sam Pennise, D.M.D.
Betty Perdue
Audrey Phelps
Catherine and Richard Pierce
Frank Queener
Redwood House
Genevieve Rees
Jean Doran Rezelman (deceased)
John Rezelman
Patricia Rios
Dina and David Robinson
H. Merrill Roenke
Lucille and Don Rowland
Grace Russ
Marion Sauerbier
Paul R. Schnacky
Mr. and Mrs. John Schotmiller
Martha Scutt
Carole Ann Shwingel
John P. Scott
Ralph Seager
Arlene and Richard Seybolt
Richard Sherer
Yolanda and Donovan Shilling
Jim Sleeth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sly
Betty Smalley
Warren Hunting Smith
Kera Sprague
Marion Springer
Louise Stillman
Corrin Strong
John Thomas
Margaret and Lee Thomas
Gloria Tillman
Joseph Treichler
Rachel Treichler
Isabel Van Gelder
J. Van Leeuwen-Slota
Derek Van Schoonhoven
Elwyn VanEtten
Paul Warboys
Merle Wheaton (deceased)
Mike Wine
Bea and Herbert Wisbey
Leonard Wood
Heather Young
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