June 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Audrey Phelps tells the story of Painted Post The name came from accounts and legends of a painted ceremonial post that stood near the confluence of the Conhocton and Tioga rivers. The post was replaced down through the years to commemorate the Indians and settlers. In 1950 a new bronze statue was dedicated. The monument was designed and sculpted by Mrs. Phelps's husband, Norman Phelps. They live in Addison.

We include more excerpts from the historical address of Ansel McCall delivered on June 6, 1893 in Bath. Following this excerpt is a selection from William Howell's talk the evening of the same day.

Martha White's 1833 letter describes her journey in 1833 to Michigan. The Rochester Historical Society provided a copy of the letter for publication, and has the original.

We feature two more essays by Thomas Cornell about the Hammondsport Glen. Tom Cornell lives in Rochester and teaches at R.I.T.

Warren Hunting Smith contributes the conclusion of Chapter V from his The Misses Elliot of Geneva, written more than 50 years ago. You can read about Warren Smith in Bill Kauffman's article in the February 1993 issue.

Richard Palmer presents Part II of his account of commercial sailing on the Finger Lakes. He includes a list of the Finger Lakes, their lengths, names of inlets and outlets, and villages north and south. Dick Palmer lives in Tully, New York.

Robert Koch reviews automobiles in Rochester from the first of this century. You can hear Robert Koch talk about episodes in history Saturday mornings at 9:30 on WXXI-FM, and cultural events on Tuesday mornings at 7:45, and at 7:15 on Thursday mornings.

Next Issue

The next issue will feature the first part of John H. Martin's story about the rescue of the books in the library of the Corning Museum of Glass that were soaked by flood water 1972. Dr. Martin was the administrative officer of the Corning Museum of Glass and carried through the successful salvage of all the important documents in the library.

Also beginning in the next issue will be A. G. Hilbert's history of the Williamson Road. Chick Hilbert died in September, 1991, but he left copies of his talks about local history that he made to many audiences in this region.

The July issue will also contain Stepping Stones into the Past, an essay from Thomas Cornell's series on the Hammondsport Glen, another installment from Richard Palmer's series on lake shipping, and more from Warren Smith's The Misses Elliot of Geneva.

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