January 1993

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

About Josephine Matilda deZeng

October 1842

Thursday, 27th

Sailed delightfully last night with H. in the Bay of Naples. Cannot conceive what put that in my head. Mrs. Prentice called this morning & Miss Twamley, & Auntie Dox spent the day with us, & Aunt Sally was here till dinner time. This afternoon I went out to the gate to see Mag & Annie, who were going by, all very agreeable. While we were standing talking, the Bishop & Mrs. DeL. went by—he looked pleasant as usual, but Mrs. DeL. hardly bowed, & did not speak. I do not care for them. Aunt Lawrence says Manny is disappointed. Ed Dox brought down a Brother Jonathan for us to see, & while we were screaming over it Mrs. DeLancey was announced. Ed looks rather down in the mouth I think—I do not know what to think, I am sure he is very fond of me—but as for myself I think I like H. & his family better than any other — —

Friday, 29th

Dreamed very queer dreams last night about Charlotte Wells, Hobart Williams & a Caroline Gay. Aunt Lawrence left us this morning. After dinner Kit & I went down st. to get her muff, Papa having consented to let her have one. Hers is grey, mine yellow. Met Mrs. Grosvenor at Mrs. Dorsey's, she says they are looking for Charles Bogert every hour. Met Mr. & Mrs. Smith Clark—she looks as sweet as possible. When I came home I found Harriet Prouty here, she seems very well. Ed Dox came in & sat till tea time, he told me that Miss Severance thought I was very affected, etc., all about their interview at Waterloo. I cannot imagine when she saw me—a week ago last Saturday. I hope I will dream pleasant dreams again to-night. I think Durand's prophecy will fail—today is Friday.

Saturday, 30th

Nothing especial has occurred today. Mr. Bogert has not come, and no letters from May.

John Whiting called this morning to relieve himself he said of a great burden that had oppressed him so much during the night as to make it impossible for him to sleep! It was Nat. Child's love to me!

Uncle Edward returned home from Sodus to-day (or rather last night) with plenty of ducks. I was deadly sick nearly all the afternoon—stretched out on the sofa in Ma's room, trying to "swallow" Maryott's "Diary in America." Ed Dox came in to tea, and sat about an hour after.

We had a funny time, the children were in a complete gale. Will had the boys in his room this evening, all singing away as merrily as could be. I have been sewing & mending this past hour, till I am almost asleep.

Sunday, 31st

The day has been alternately cloudy and bright today, though on the whole it has been exceedingly pleasant.

Our Infant-School this morning was quite pleasant, we had an addition of four new scholars, two boys & two girls. The bishop preached this morning, and a pretty long sermon too, Mr. Irving reading the prayers, and this afternoon the Bishop read and Mr. Irving preached.

The Twamlies came home with us to dinner.

A new week has begun, and no visions of an able suitor as Durand said, though one thing is true, he said I would see a young man before last week was out who wanted to offer himself & would before this, but he was afraid—that is E. DeL. of course. See journal at Hopeton.

Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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