November 1992

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

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October 1842

Wednesday, 5th

Edward DeLancey called this morning for me to ride, but I could not think of going, and altho' the day was so fine I plead fear of cold. About ten o'clock Cousin L. & I sallied out. We called first at Mrs. Hudson's. We sat there more than an hour, & had a very pleasant chat. We then went to the Stoddards. Mrs. S. was rather easier today, but very feeble—the girls were all grunting. We sat a short time with Miss Gordon & then home. After dinner I went in to Mrs. Bogert's to hear about May Ten Eyck. She got home well & found all "do". I hope I shall hear soon. We then all went to Grandpapa's. L. & I stayed to tea, the families were there & we had a right merry time. We all came down after tea to Doct. Webster's lecture—it was most excellent, & very witty. We were all perfectly delighted. Mama told me after I came in that Josie Swift had called here to see me this afternoon & seemed quite disappointed not to find me. I am quite curious. John Whiting & Rachel both called after tea this evening, I suppose to have me go to the lecture—I wish I had been at home…

Thursday, 6th

Mag DeL. sent a basket of fine Pears & melons here this morning, as well as a note, requesting me to take tea with her this afternoon. About eleven Cousin L. & I went with Uncle Ed, & took the children to the new burial-ground, to see Mr. Lee's monument. After we got back went on to the Church, to see how they progress, & called on Rachel.

Mr. Green had called during my absence to know if I would ride with him tomorrow. He called again in the afternoon to see me. I told him—yes. I then dressed for Mag's. Sarah S. came in and sat awhile—she was going too. On my way up I met Annie Stoddard & Annie Peyton—Annie S. is going tomorrow too, with Mr. Mac. Annie Peyton & I called to see Mrs. Young, and then went on to Mag's together. We found Caroline & Charlotte Brown there, & Janet Clarke. In the evening John Whiting and Ed. Dox came. We played consequences, etc. Sarah Sutherland and John Whiting somehow or other were always coupled in the game of consequences, much to their seeming annoyance, though I fancied it was put on.

Ed DeLancey persisted in walking home with me. I wish he would just mind his own business & let me go with Ed. Dox or Jno. Whiting, who both live down this way. He's a real torment.

Tuesday, Oct. 18th

I have now neglected my journal for nearly a fortnight—nothing of consequence however has occurred. I took my ride—we went about sixteen miles. Annie was rather stiff after it, but not I.

Cousin Laura's visit terminated last Saturday, for which I am sorry. We took many pleasant walks together & made calls. Last night I took tea at Janet Clarke's. We had a very merry time. Mr. Shephard came in to pass the evening & brought his violin, & consequently we danced merrily. Edward DeLancey will persist in his attentions, and it really makes me feel bad. I wish Mag would write. I think I will send her a line to-day.

Spent an hour with Clara Megrath, had a real frolic, I tried to magnetise her. I then called on Mrs. Ayrault, to see how Mrs. Hall was—no better—poor woman!

I stopped to see Mrs. Bogert & say I was going to write to May. She told me Charles was going down to-night—came home & scribbled a letter as fast as possible. Ed Dox came in to tea, & we had a rare frolic talking over matters & things, & watching "Sailor" walk.

Wednesday, 19th

Everything passed off very quietly today, all sewing or reading most industriously, until about five o'clock, when Ed came in & said he had met Augusta & Mr. Rhoades in the street & she told him she was coming to see us. She seems very happy. I like his appearance much, very like H. Richard dropped in & we all laughed at "Jerry."

Thursday, 20th

Called at Mrs. Whiting to see Miss Jones. While waiting for her to come in, Rachel & I talked over animal Magnetism, & eat candy sent by Charley McKinstry. She was very agreeable on her arrival, has not altered at all. Came home just in time to see Miss Charlotte Dey & Sophie McKay. They called to ask us to Sophy's wedding Monday.

Went to see Jane Hudson, she is much improved by her visit—showed me her new hat—quite pretty. Went to see Harriet Prouty, not at home—Augusta said she was much better. Walked down street with Anne Stoddard, saw Mrs. Dorsey's new hats, etc., everything beautiful.

Came home and found Lilly & Annie Gallagher & Emily Prentice here to tea with Kitt.

Friday, 21st

Amused myself this morning cleaning the forks. This afternoon Annie Peyton came in & sat a long time with me. Mrs. Woods & her two children came over, we had a nice long chat about everything. I do love her. Aunt Sarah & Miss Framley came in, also Ed Dox. Miss Chapin was to be exhibited in the Magnetic state tonight. Ed asked me if I was going. Sewed, read, & talked this evening until nine o'clock when Grandpapa came, had been down to see the Animal Magnetism—thought it all a humbug—at least the "clairvoyance" part of it. Wm. Jenkins left us today for Ohio, after a visit of nearly two months.

Sent a letter this morning by Mrs. Dixon, to cousin Margaretta Church, which I wrote last night.

Saturday, 22nd

It has rained, & been very disagreeable out today. I have amused myself mostly by hemstitching on my hndkchf, reading & practising—Durant told my fortune—he says I will have my wish which I sincerely hope I may, that a very wealthy young man whom I have seen before will be here to see me before next week is out, & that I am going to receive a very valuable present. This sounds something like Charlotte Dey's, she said all this but it seemed to her she said a great way off—it is now nearly two months—about time for it to be fulfilled if it is going to be. I dreamed delicious dreams of H all night last night sitting, walking and talking—he looked as usual, but seemed very happy.

Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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