November 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with John Rezelman's essay about horse and carriage barns that were so common in villages before automobiles. John Rezelman lives in Bath, New York, where there are several fine examples of village barns.

J. Sheldon Fisher tells about horse stealing around Fishers, New York. This is a chapter from his book, The Groaning Tree and Other Stories. Mr. Fisher was the first County Historian for Ontario county. An unknown author tells the story of the Mutual Horse Vigilance Society .

We present another excerpt from from Josephine deZeng's 1842 diary .

Thomas Cornell reviews E. C Pielou's book about the return of different forms of plants and animals when the glaciers over North America receded. Thomas Cornell teaches courses on the history of science at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Robert F. McNamara presents the second chapter of his biographical sketch of Charles Corwin, Corning songmaster. Rev. McNamara was born in Corning and went to school there.

Robert Koch tells about the enormous presentation cheeses Colonel Meacham made in Oswego County, New York, and the barrel of flour he received from the mayor of Rochester.

Next Issue

Our Christmas issue will begin serialization of Warren Hunting Smith's book, The Misses Elliot of Geneva. The two central characters are modeled on a pair of unusual sisters who astonished and amused their community at the turn of the century. In the story with "Miss Primrose" and "Miss Candida" are other eccentric personalities, composites of real Genevans who were a part of the old society. The book was first printed in 1940. Its author, Warren Hunting Smith, has written a new preface for the reprinting of the book here. It will continue every month.

Also in the December issue will be a history of Roseland Park by Richard Palmer. He remembers visits to the landmark amusement park as a boy. His family lived in Palmyra in the late 1940s, and several times each summer his parents brought him in their car to Canandaigua and Roseland Park for an entertaining outing. Chapter III, "Music Master to the Community," from the tribute to Charles Corwin by Robert McNamara will appear in the December issue. There will be another installment from Miss deZeng's 1842 diary, and other stories and articles.

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