October 1992

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

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September 1842

Wednesday, 28th

Today I went to Grandpapa's with the intention of passing several days with Auntie Dox—but at noon Grandpapa brought a letter from Catharine, saying she had been looking for Uncle "Eddie" & I for several days past—so we concluded to go tomorrow. in the afternoon Mag & Ed DeLancey called—but would not stay to tea. After tea I went home, arranged my affairs, wrote to Carie Reynolds, and retired early to prepare myself for my long drive tomorrow.

Thursday, 29th

We left home about eight this morning & arrived here at Honeoye Falls about five. We found "Sis" & Mr. L. & Jimmie all well. Our drive out was perfectly charming.

We first stopped at Sulpher Springs, Clifton, & rambled through the grove, got a drink of water from the Spring, and then proceeded to Orleans. There we learned the shortest way to Manchester & drove on. When we arrived here we found it past twelve & concluded to stop and take a lunch. We then proceeded to Victor, thence to East Meriden, & so to West Mendon, or Honeoye Falls. Catharine is delightfuly settled. Her house is very nice & seems convenient. The furniture is excellent. Black May, her servant from Henry's child, seemed as pleased to see me as any of them. We passed a pleasant evening—I went right early to bed.

Friday, 30th

Sewed hard this morning on Jimmie's frock, & this afternoon took a walk with Sis. We went to one store & bought a skein of silk and then to see the Falls. They are very beautiful & the view down the creek is exceedingly picturesque. After we came home, went with Mr. L. & Uncle E. to see the Church & play on the organ.

Saturday, Oct. 1st.

We talked, sewed & played with Jimmie this morning, and this afternoon the Sunday school children came to receive instruction. They are a harem scarem little set, but seem fond of listening to Mr. L's stories. Jimmie has grown quite fond of me. I have put him to sleep three times today, and he comes to me willingly.

Sunday, 2nd

We were at Church all day, and heard two most excellent sermons from Mr. Lockwood. We received the Communion from him, and it was not an unpleasant thought that our friends all over the world were (if of the Church) receiving it at the same time & in the same manner.

Monday, 3rd

At half past nine we started for home, & we passed through the pleasant villages of Smithtown, East & West Bloomfield, and Canandaigua. Our drive was delightful. When I reached home, I found my cousin Laura & her daughter Ernestine here on a visit. Mrs. Peyton called, & soon after Mrs. Hop. Sill, she invited us to tea tomorrow. Edward Dox spent part of the evening with us, and he laughed most heartily over "Quozziana" a burlesque on our treatment of "Boz".

Tuesday, 4th

This morning we all walked to Aunt Cutbush's and made a pleasant call— & while Cousin L. & Kit with the children walked to the Point to hunt shells on the shore I called to see Mag & Jim. Jim is very well & helping his sister prepare for a visit to town. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Swift & little Fitz are here—Fitz is sweet—took a great fancy to me, but would call me his Grandmama. Mag was busy cleaning house. We took tea with Mrs. Sill, & found her mother Mrs. Rose with her. Sarah Stoddard & May Young came in, both as happy as larks. May seems to enjoy married life much.

This morning I had a call from Mr. & Mrs. Phil. Ruckel & Mrs. Doct. Stuart. Emily gave me her card that I may find her when I come to town, 352 Grand St. I hope I'll not forget.

Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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