April 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This month's issue begins with A Fond Farewell, the last chapter from Caroline Kirkland's book, A New Home. Following the conclusion of her book is a A Fond Farewell to Caroline Kirkland by Bill Treichler tells something of Mrs. Kirkland's life and accomplishments.

Robert G. Koch's account of the reminiscences of John S. Wilson when he was 100 years old in 1915. Robert Koch is a native Rochesterian who taught for years at the Rochester Institute of Technology, was Dean of Liberal and Applied Studies at the University of Rochester until 1982, and now presents three weekly broadcasts from WXXI-FM. Professor Koch may be heard on Tuesday mornings at 7:45, on Thursday mornings at 7:15, and on Saturday mornings at 9:30.

Betty F. Smalley, the town historian of Torrey, gives us a history of Torrey. The Town of Torrey is in Yates County and lies along Seneca Lake on both sides of the lower part of the outlet of Keuka Lake. Mrs. Smalley lives in Dresden.

We present another installment from Josephine DeZeng's 1842 diary. Miss DeZeng was 19 years old when she kept this part of her diary, and lived in the house on Main Street in Geneva that is on the south side of Trinity Church. Miss deZeng's diary was provided by Mrs. Eleanore Clise, archivist for the Geneva Historical Society, which is presently situated in the Prouty house across the street from the house where Josephine lived with her parents.

Ed Harris tells many good stories of his years with L. B. Finewood when Rochester and Kodak took off after the Second World War. This month Ed tells of the long-term working relationship between Kodak's building arm, The Ridge Construction Company, and contractor L. B. Finewood.

We offer two interesting items from the Hammondsport Herald. The first item is an account in the issue of May 17, 1876, of the Rev. J. Goble of Wayne, New York, and his work as a missionary in Japan, including a claim for his building the jinrikisha.

The second item is from the April 26, 1876, issue of the Hammondsport Herald when Mrs. E. B. Fairchild was editor. It is an extract from a report in the New York Tribune of a lecture given by George William Curtis about women in old and new times. Curtis was a famous American journalist, orator, and world traveler. He spent 18 months in the community at Brook Farm and was later associated with the New York Tribune. In l854 he became editor of the "Easy Chair" in Harper's Magazine.

This issue concludes with short biographies of the 1992 inductees into the Steuben County Hall of Fame, one of whom is Rev. Jonathan Goble.

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