February 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue opens with several pieces about Henry W. Clune who celebrates his 102nd birthday on February 8, 1992. The first piece is Bill Kauffman's essay about Henry Clune reprinted from Chronicles, August 1991, with the generous permission of the author and the magazine. Bill Kauffman is author of a novel, Every Man A King, published by Soho Press/Farrar, Straus & Giroux in 1989. We have two pieces about Henry Clune by Robert Koch, a story by telling of an eventful night for Henry Clune when he was a young reporter in 1911, which Bob broadcast on his radio program on February 1, 1992, and a review of Clune's book, The Genesee .

In this issue, we begin a serialization of the diary kept by Josephine Matilda deZeng in 1842 when she was a young woman in Geneva. Eleanore Clise, who is archivist for the Geneva Historical Society and the Prouty/Chew Museum, suggested that readers might enjoy Miss DeZeng's account of her everyday activities with her family and friends.

Robert F. McNamara contributes the conclusion of his story about Civil War volunteer Edmund O'Dwyer and his Henry rifle, which is now a part of the gun collection of The Rockwell Museum. Edmund's brother, Thomas Dwyer, lived in Corning and became the grandfather of Rev. McNamara.

Ed Harris gives us another story from Harpending's Corners. This month Ed tells of his friendship with composer and arranger Harold Wansborough, who for a time in the 1940s lived in East Rochester and taught music while he studied composition at the Eastman School of Music.

This issue concludes with another chapter from Caroline Kirkland's A New Home. This chapter tells of her anticipation and joy of getting letters and papers from her friends she left in the East. Mrs. Kirkland also describes the schoolhouse and the teachers the children endured, as well as her own experiences boarding one of the teachers.

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