January 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

"Bim" Van Etten returns this month with Genealogy 102, a second course for fledgling family historians. Last January he started us off with Genealogy 101. Bim lives in Big Flats but spends a lot of time researching and helping others at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Several times a year he presents courses in genealogy there.

We tell of the Rochester Genealogical Society and its programs to help people interested in researching their families , and present several short items about genealogy.

Robert Koch recounts the amazing success of a teenage girl publishing the Penfield Extra in the 1860s. Dr. Koch was for many years professor and chair of Language & Literature at R. I. T. From 1970 until 1982 he was Dean of the University College and Director of Summer Sessions at University of Rochester. He lives in Pittsford.

We present the fifth and last installment of our series about the table grape shipping business, as recalled in the 1950s by John McMath.

Robert McNamara presents an account of the famous Henry rifle developed at the time of the Civil War, and his story about Edmund O'Dwyer who, as a Union infantryman, bought a Henry for himself. This is the third section of a four-part series about O'Dwyer and his part in the war between the North and the South. The Reverend Robert McNamara lives in Rochester.

Ed Harris describes his experiences working as a crane operator at Despatch Shops in East Rochester during the second World War. This episode from his book Harpending's Corners.

We reprint M. Schele De Vere's Names of Men from the December 1865 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine.

This month's selection from A New Home continues the story from the last issue when Mrs. Kirkland introduced Simeon Jenkins as Justice of the Peace. Members of the Female Beneficent Society are called into court to testify concerning remarks one lady made about the tailor.

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